'There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky.  

And you ask, "What if I fall?"  Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?'  

Erin Hanson

Welcome to our school...

Ore Village Primary Academy is a happy, vibrant school that always has children at its heart.  We are extremely lucky to have an amazing team of people supporting the development of all our pupils and helping them to be the very best that they can.

Our vision for the pupils at Ore Village Primary Academy is reflected in our ORE acronym:   

Opportunities. Resilience. Expanding Minds.

Jo Campbell - Headteacher

Term 5 - 'Our Planet and Us'

Our whole school theme of ‘OUR PLANET AND US’ unites us as Geographers as we explore current environmental issues.

EYFS will be answering the question 'Where does our food come from?' through the topic Farm to Fork.  We will be learning about how the food travels to our plate and what we can do to help our environment, especially how we can reduce our food waste!

Year 1 & 2 will be delving into ‘A bugs life’ using maps, globes and atlases to spot countries near and far.  The children will become geographical explorers zooming in on the bug population of our own school, later moving further afield to the different biomes around the world and the bugs that are found in each.  They will be answering the question ‘Can little things have a big impact?’

Year 3 & 4 will be investigating the Polar Regions, developing their knowledge of world geography.  Children will be exploring the desert of Antarctica and the ice caps of the Arctic, discovering the animals that live there and the threat they are under.  They will complete the topic answering the question 'Can we make a positive difference to our world?’

Year 5 & 6 will be building their understanding of world geography focusing on the oil and gas fields of the world and the use of oil and gas and how this has a negative impact on climate change.  As geographers they will be joining icons such as Greta Thunberg asking and exploring the question ‘Who pays the biggest price in climate change?’

Keep an eye out for knowledge organisers and curriculum newsletters posted on your childs Dojo page to see even more of what we will be up to!

As we all grab our geographers atlases, globes and magnifying glasses and get stuck into ‘Our Planet and Us’ we hope you can have interesting conversations with your children about how we can protect the world around us.

Can WE make a difference?

Miss. Sheffield - Geography Lead 🌍 

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