Student Leadership

Meet the Team

As well as our student council, Student Voice, we encourage our students to get involved and have their say on how things can be improved here at Miltoncross Academy.

Below you'll find profiles of our Class of 2023 Student Leadership Team.

Head Student - Indiana

Hey, my name’s Indie and I was chosen to be Head Student at Miltoncross Academy.

My main focus is kindness and how it is perceived at our school. It is becoming increasingly apparent that nowadays people aren’t bothered about how their actions effect their peers and how large of an impact it can have on their education. It is my goal to encourage better attitudes because I believe it can lead to a learning environment.

This is key to our students achieving the best possible GCSEs they can, ensuring places at great colleges and spots at the top universities.

Head Student - Emma

Hi! I'm Emma and I am one of the Head Students here at Miltoncross Academy! I believe that every young person deserves opportunity and inspiration, something I want to make sure is always delivered at Miltoncross.

Alongside my team of senior students and school staff, I look forward to meeting the needs of all students. I want everyone to leave school with not just grades, but with countless experiences and skills for the real world. With that said, welcome to Miltoncross!

Deputy HS - Tiegan

Hello, my name is Tiegan W and I am the new Deputy Head Student at Miltoncross Academy.

I think the most important thing is to be kind. My hopes as Deputy Head Student are to get everyone to be kinder to everyone as kindness goes a long way, and the school environment would be such a nicer place for the students and the staff.

Being kinder can also help student’s mental health, and that takes a big toll on how much a student can learn.

Deputy HS - Sakura

Hello! My name is Sakura and I have been appointed Deputy Head Student at Miltoncross Academy. My priority as Deputy is diversity and inclusion. I want to make our school a happy and healthy environment for all students regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion etc.

One thing in particular I want to put into place is more celebrations of our community’s diversities and to properly commemorate important events such as Pride, Women’s History Month, Black History Month, etc.

I am looking forward to working with the Head Student Team to put these priorities and initiatives in place!