An Insight account has been created for you which provides you with secure online access to view data concerning your child 24 hours a day via PC, laptop, pocket PC and some mobile devices (such as Android or iPhone) with internet connection. Using this account you will be kept up to date on your child's attendance, behaviour, homework, detentions and assessment levels.

Insight will allow you to see if your child has attended all lessons that day and also contact their subject teachers directly through the website. Bookings for parents evening will now be managed through this website; bookings are made using the parents evening tab on the left of the screen.

Please visit the Insight website to login. Please ensure you change your password the first time you login. If you have any queries or require any further support with using this valuable resource, then please do not hesitate to contact IT Support for help.

For support with Insight, please click HERE

To log onto Insight, please click HERE

Downloading the App

To download on an Android device, please click the Android icon:

To download on an Apple device, please click the Apple icon:

After downloading the app, click on Insight on your device.

You will see this screen: