PE and Health & Fitness

PE in Your World:

Our vision in the Physical Education Department is to develop lifelong learners who show an enjoyment of PE and physical activity whilst developing the movement, knowledge, understanding and confidence to lead healthy active lifestyles now, as well as in the future.

After 5 years of PE at Miltoncross Academy our aspirations for students are that…

  • They are more confident and have had fun;

  • Their personal character has developed;

  • They are equipped to be active for life;

  • They have developed sporting knowledge, understanding and skills.

Our intention is to motivate students to make strong healthy and active lifestyle choices. We will develop physical literacy (Preparing students to be active for life, not just focussing on their present performance), through the explicit teaching of knowledge, physical competences and character. Our Me In P.E model allows us to plan, assess and communicate what we know are the most vital elements of physical literacy, and there will be a particular focus on this in Key Stage 3 and 4 core PE lessons.

Me in P.E consists of 5 Me in P.E strands: Physical Me, Healthy Me, Social Me, Thinking Me and Personal Me, which does have similarities with the PSHE work students will be doing within school. The ME In PE components will be addressed and developed across the academic year through mixed gender setting and delivering schemes of work, along with reinforcing our Miltoncross Academy core values of being kind, working hard and having no excuses.

The PE curriculum has been designed so students experience a broad range of sporting activities using a range of facilities, where the primary focus is not necessarily on the development of skill but the development of the student as a whole rounded individual as we prepare them for adult life. Teachers will use the ME in PE model to do this, visiting each ME per half term throughout the academic year. Students will record their progress in their Student progress booklets using Google Classroom during each scheme of work. Our world curriculum broadens opportunities, focusing on sport at local, national and international levels.

In Key Stage 4, students can decide to study Physical Education as an option. Students will study bones, muscles and systems in the body that enable us to live our lives and be active. They will also build up to developing their own fitness training programme for a client as they work their way through Year 11.

In Physical Education we provide the opportunity for students to continue their experience of PE through our extracurricular programme after school. In this programme students have the opportunity to attend clubs, and also be involved in competition against other schools within the city and county. Students will be provided with opportunities to attend various live sporting events, and experience different cultures within Hampshire and London including Premier League Football, Wimbledon and Twenty20 Cricket. Social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) will be used to advertise clubs, tournaments and opportunities for students to get themselves involved in, both during term time and during holidays. The PE Department will support the reading ethos of Miltoncross Academy through the use of social media, and applying strategies to our Health and Fitness lessons at Key Stage 4 to strengthen students reading ability. Students will also have the opportunity to further strengthen their reading skills by accessing subject related material that we will provide/recommend.