Mom 2 Mom Sale

The next Addams Elementary PTA mom-to-mom sale is scheduled for:

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

$2.00 early bird admission @ 8:30am

$1.00 regular admission, 9:00am to 12:30pm

Seller registration is SOLD OUT!

Thank you for your interest but seller registration is closed for the Spring 2018 Sale. Large item tags will be available for purchase at the sale (no table required).

Seller Terms & Conditions

By submitting your registration and payment, you agree to the following:


✔︎ DO bring your items in and set up your table from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on FRIDAY before the sale and/or SATURDAY of the sale from 7:30 am – 8:30 am.

✘ DON'T leave money or any valuables unattended at your table. You leave your items in the school overnight at your own risk. Neither Addams PTA nor the ROSD will be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

✔︎ DO check-in before unloading your car to get your assigned table location and instructions for large ticket items. Sellers should enter through the northwest doors in the back of the school off of Clawson Street. There will be a table clearly marked “check-in”.

✘ DON'T leave your car in the parking lot. After you have unloaded, you will be required to move your car out of the parking lot so that our customers have room to park.

✘ DON'T place items in the walkway around your table, in the aisle in front of your table, or between your table and your neighbor. If an item is too big, please take it to the large item area located across from the gym.

✘ DON'T shut down or pack up your table prior to the end of the sale. In the interest of fulfilling our promise to the shoppers, you are required to staff your table for the full duration of the sale.

✘ DON'T leave children unattended. If you must bring your children to set up or to the sale, please ensure that they stay in your control and be respectful of other seller’s table areas.

✘ DON'T bring any alcohol or firearms onto school property. No smoking is permitted on the premises either.

✔︎ DO ensure all your items meet federal safety standards. For a list of recalls, visit


✔︎ DO bring your appetite. We will have food and beverages available for purchase during sale hours.


✔︎ DO Bring your large ticket items such as strollers, swings, high chairs, bikes, etc., to the large item area at check-in.

✔︎ DO ensure you fill out and firmly secure a separate tag to each large item. Tags are available for pre-purchase online at a discount or full price on the day of the sale. Tag purchases are non-refundable regardless of whether the item sells.

✔︎ DO retrieve your unsold items and your proceeds from large items after the sale concludes at 12:30 pm.

✘ DON'T leave any unsold large items in the cafeteria after the sale. Items unclaimed will be considered donations.


✔︎ DO consider making a charitable donation. We expect to be accepting donations of items that are clean and in working condition at the end of the sale. If you would like to donate any of the items from your table that do not sell, please see a volunteer.


✔︎ DO let us know how we are doing. We endeavor to make this the best M2M Sale for buyers and sellers alike and are always looking for ways to improve. We look forward to your feedback after the sale on our seller survey or any other time at


✔︎ DO Come prepared!

✔︎ DO bring enough bags for the items that you plan to sell (If you wish to offer bags to shoppers)

✔︎ DO bring with plenty of singles and change. It is your responsibility to have this for your customers.

✘ DON'T leave your money accessible to the general public. A hip bag is a good idea since it has more than one compartment or an apron with pockets.

✔︎ DO allow plenty of time to set up your table(s) in an organized manner.

✔︎ DO consider posting a sign indicating whether your prices are negotiable if you are willing to haggle or firm if you are not.

✘ DON'T let items go unnoticed under your table. Make sure that if you have items under the table that they are accessible and easy to see.

✔︎ DO use labels and/or signage to clearly indicate price and size of your items. It also helps to sort your items by size.

✔︎ DO make sure all your items are clean. Do your best to get out stains. If you are selling large items, make sure you clean those too.

✘ DON'T hide problems. If for example there is a zipper that needs replacing you should make sure that is known.

✔︎ DO make sure all racks are secure and won’t fall over if items are pushed from one end of it to the other. A few socks full of sand over the bottom of the rack can make it more stable.

✔︎ DO Make sure that your two and three-piece items are connected together. Safety pins or a single run-thru with needle and thread tied off will do the trick.

✘ DON'T try to be a hero. It is a good idea to have a helper to ensure there is someone at your table at all times. You may need to take a restroom or shopping break and the organizers will not be able to watch your table. Also, if you get busy, it’s nice to have extra hands helping.

✔︎ DO remember that this will be a long day. Concessions will be available for purchase, but it is also a good idea to bring snacks and drinks if you will need them. Chapstick and lotion can be life-savers!

✔︎ DO wear comfortable shoes.


Offline registration and alternative payment available for Addams families. Contact us via email if needed.