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My name is Sue Cardoza and I am a reading teacher at Pocasset Elementary School. I spent the first several years of my teaching career as a classroom teacher working with Grades K-2. I later went back to school and earned my M.Ed. in Reading and became a reading specialist. I have worked in both urban and suburban settings, but I consider working as a Title 1 reading teacher at Pocasset for the last 14 years the best by far! I currently work with students in Grades K-4 in small literacy groups. I also work with differentiated spelling/word work groups. You will find some general information below about the Title 1 program and on the next page some literacy information that applies to all students at Pocasset. Please take a look at the page that corresponds with your child's grade for specific information. I always welcome questions and comments at 624-6654 or at

Title 1

The Title 1 program was designed to help schools provide opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet today’s challenging educational standards. Title 1 is the largest federal program that supports education. Students at Pocasset School are fortunate to benefit from Title 1 funds. Title 1 dollars received by our school district help to fund my position as a reading specialist to support students who need help with their reading.

As part of the Title 1 program, I will be working with families to help develop programs and strategies to help children be successful in school. This provides an opportunity for you to raise questions and voice your concerns about your child’s learning. It also helps our school review our Title 1 program each year to do the best we can to meet your needs in helping your child be successful in school.

Mrs. Cardoza's Reading Newsletter

Below is a copy of the most recent monthly newsletter I send home. This newsletter contains the most recent activities the students have been working on in our small groups as well as important upcoming dates and other relevant information. Please click full screen mode to get a better view.

February Newsletter