This site is designed to provide staff members in LEA's across the state of Pennsylvania, an option to share contact information so that student data may be verified between districts in a more expeditious fashion.

Participation in this Contact List is completely voluntary for each LEA.

To submit a primary point of contact for questions related to PIMS data:

To access the PIMS Contacts list,

  • Click here: Find Contact
  • To obtain the link to view the list, enter your email address. You may also have to respond to a ReCaptcha.
  • Click on the link provided in the Thank you message

To use the list,

  • Use Edit, Find to locate an specific entry by AUN or LEA Name (or other fields)
  • Sort the list by a different column - click on the column and select Data, Sort

Some LEAs may submit multiple contacts, please check the area of responsibility to be sure you are contacting the best choice.