Tink. alias Tina Ličková

Hi, my name is Tina, and I am a digital researcher and product strategist. I've run a service design studio and acted as a research lead in telco, fintech, and HR tech companies, helping them build products people love and use. As a UX research generalist, I conduct qualitative studies in different languages (German, Slovak, English) and support my clients in managing research operations.

For more information, check out my LinkedIn or drop me a line at hello@tink.consulting. 


I consider myself a holistic researcher who guides companies from the discovery phases to the optimization of products, using various qualitative and quantitative methods: focus groups, interviews, surveys, concept proofs and usability tests, etc. 


Facilitating workshops - yes, that's  part of the deal and something I do regularly. But creativity is more a process than just a brainstorming session. Facilitating ideation as a wholesome process and guiding toward meaningful user experiences is the ultimate goal. 


What are your goals? How will you measure them? How will you know that you do well and that people like to use your products? What is the next thing you need to do? Let's measure - learn and optimize together. 



UX Research Geeks is a podcast where I interview researchers from all around the world.

A few times weekly, I share my 5 cents on research and related topics on my Linkedin

More personal blog, in slovak and english language, is to find on substack under tinktank


For about 2 years, I was digging into financial psychology. This presentation might be an interesting introduction to human attitudes toward money. If you're more of a reader than a video-viewer, an interview done by lovely people from Tällbeard Why we are all weird about money might fit your preferences better.
The keynote, with practical usage of this learning for a product, is here to find.