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A gift to avoid this holiday season

During the holiday season, you may see some ideas to combine your phone with your wallet or purse. While it may be great for convenience, it isn't a good idea in the even that your purse or wallet is missing, lost, or stolen.

Your smartphone is another wallet that has your credit card info and other financial information.

Many of these purses can easily snatched putting all of your personal information in the wrong hands of a thief.

Be wise and keep them separated.

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Data responsibility

This time of year, we are presented with new phones that are more expensive and holding a great deal of information. Not only pictures, contacts, and text messages but also credit cards and work documents that may even have someone's information attached to them.

While Google and Apple do provide ways to backup information on your phone, they are incomplete at times. They require a monthly subscription. As data on these services increases you may have to pay more money to increase the storage capacity.

But what it there was a way that you could have your very own cloud server that operates from your home that can synch your contacts, pictures, and documents from your phone to the server in your house from the same app?

With the price of computers shrinking, it is economical to do as long as your are willing to pay for an internet service provider.

Within the next few months, the focus of the site will be on how cloud services work and how you can create your own service using an inexpensive computer using an operating system and software that is free for the public to use.

The focus will be using Linux computers to operate a cloud service known as nextcloud. This European based company is developing a free cloud server application while providing an alternative to Microsoft and Amazon for enterprise cloud services that are compliant with EU standards.

While One Drive will be continued to be used for Microsoft purposes (since it is part of Microsoft 365) Nextcloud will be a primary system to demonstrate how a cloud server can work in your home to demonstrate how the IOT (Internet of Things) can work in your own home.

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