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Press release

TiLT Capital enters into a strategic partnership with Siparex, a pioneer of French private equity and a reference with SMEs

22 september 2020

TiLT Perspectives #8

EU-ETS reform: how it works and what should be changed.

16 April 2021

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TiLT Perspectives #7

The need for flexibility of the energy system – illustration from the power market during the covid-19 lockdown

26 November 2020

Press release

TiLT Capital’s first fund dedicated to Energy Transition obtains from French Ministry of Economy and Finance the Label of “Growth capital fund for the financing of the tech companies”

30 July 2020

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TiLT - Communiqué Labélisation.pdf

TiLT Perspectives #6

Energy is not a mere technicality anymore...

13 September 2020

TiLT Perspectives #6.pdf

TiLT Perspectives #5

Dethroning king coal

03 April 2020

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TiLT Perspectives #4

Bridging the energy transition investment gap : the key role of SMEs and midcaps

04 December 2019

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TiLT Highlights #2

TiLT Capital is joining the High-Level Consultation set up by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to work on “Fostering Enabling Frameworks to Scale-Up Renewable Energy Investments”

This group gathers executives from Enedis, EDSO, Siemens, Shell, Elia, RTE, Energinet, GRDF, Orsted, Engie and Vestas. The first session of this consultation was led by Francesco La Camera (Director-General of IRENA), during the 2019 European Utility Week conference.

During this same conference, TiLT Capital contributed to 2 panel sessions:

  • « EU Clean Energy Package Fostering Innovation for a Decarbonize Power Sector in Europe », where we had the opportunity to highlight the importance of energy efficiency efforts in the fight against climate change;

  • « Sustainable Development Goals and ESG Investing; How Can Asset Owners Continue to Have a Social License to Operate? », panel of the “Energy Capital Leaders” day organized by the energy Council, that gave us the opportunity to reaffirm that “energy transition” and “social justice” are interlinked.

In addition we wished to draw your attention to this FT article « The private sector alone will not deliver the energy transition » ( which proposes an insightful view on the question raised by IRENA. Two main takeaways in our view: (i) the development of renewables is inevitable but needs strong public sector commitment and (ii) the pace of this development will eventually require to factor externalities into investment decisions.

15 November 2019


TiLT Highlights #1

IRENA report “Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future”

This publication is a direct confirmation of the relevance of TiLT Capital’s investment thesis: the fundamental trend of greater penetration of renewable energy will call for massive investment needs for new technical and commercial solutions, in order to manage the increasing flexibility needs in the power systems. It also suggests that a deep understanding of the sector, the market designs and the various technologies of the energy value chain is key to assess solutions that will create value within the next decade.

The report brings together key insights on emerging innovations that facilitate a higher share of variable renewable energy in the power sector. It outlines thirty innovations in enabling technologies, market design, business models and system operation, which are transforming power sectors with renewable energy at their core. It also tackles the way these innovations can be combined depending on market specificities to create complete, integrated solutions.

(Long version available on the Irena website :

15 September 2019

TiLT Perspectives #3 - sans numéros de tél.pdf

TiLT Perspectives #3

The cost of the energy transition and social cohesion : an investor’s perspective

04 July 2019

TiLT Perspectives #2 - sans numéros de tél.pdf

TiLT Perspectives #2

A contribution to a Financial Times "Questions of the week": Does it make sense for the kingdom to develop reactors for electricity generation?

12 March 2019

TiLT Perspectives #1 - sans numéros de tél.pdf

TiLT Perspectives #1

Can Energy Transition only be about more renewables?

07 February 2019

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