Get Involved

How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved with the school and to make suggestions. Here are some:

1. Come to Parents' Forum and discuss your ideas

2. Make a suggestion to me when I'm greeting children by the school gate - or send me a note

3. Complete the annual questionnaire and add suggestions for how we can improve the school

4. Volunteer - if you can spare the time this will help our pupils and also give you an idea of how the school works

5. Join FOPS (the Friends association) to help raise much needed funds for the school

FOPS (Friends of Palgrave School)

Palgrave is supported by a fantastic team of parents and helpers who make up our Friends association.

Parent Voice

I am very keen that parents are involved in school life. Occasionally there may be problems and if so, I would like to hear about them immediately so I can look into the situation and hopefully resolve it. Therefore if you have any suggestions for improvements that we could make please email the office. Parents' Forum is also used to increase home/school communication.