Pupils are given the opportunity to develop an awareness of the past and how it may be different from the present. They investigate local history and are taught how to use primary historical sources such as documents, photographs, artifacts and old maps. Visits to places in the village, historical sites and museums enhance the children’s understanding of events and people from the past, locally, nationally and internationally. British History together with European and Non-European ancient civilizations are studied.

Progression skills for History at Palgrave Primary can be found here


Children cover a wide variety of geographical themes in which they learn about local, national and international places. We place much importance on the geographical skills needed to study these places, for example, mapping skills. Children also look at issues within the news, increasing their knowledge through using real life case studies.

Progression skills for Geography can be found here

Religious Education

In our Voluntary Controlled Schools, religious education is in accordance with the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus. We use the Emmannel Project as our scheme of works.

Parents may, if they so wish, withdraw their child/ren from religious education, but are encouraged to speak to the Headteacher about their concerns.