Health and Wellbeing

P.E. & Swimming

Our Physical Education curriculum develops the children’s strength, stamina and co-ordination. We encourage positive attitudes to personal health, sportsmanship and emphasise safety issues. These activities include gymnastics, games, athletics, dance and swimming. We support inter-schools sports events e.g. hockey, cross-country, rounders, swimming and netball.

Personal, Social And Health Education (Including Sex Education)

Through P.S.H.E. children explore the themes of rules, ourselves, feelings, communities, citizenship and global issues. As well as being a taught subject, P.S.H.E. forms the foundations of school life where pupils take on responsibilities and make decisions through roles they engage in; for example, monitors, school councillors, team captains, club leaders and members. They are encouraged to bring their own experiences to learning and help mould our learning communities.

This is a subject that continually evolves with new government initiatives and the development of wider community links and our federation.

The Governing Body’s policy on Personal, Social and Health Education is available from the school, on request.

Parents may withdraw their child from aspects of the sex education programme that are not part of the science curriculum. Please contact the Headteacher to discuss this matter.


We also teach philosophy in both Key stages which is integrated and embedded throughout our curriculum. Philosophy encourages children to think critically, creatively and in a thoughtful, caring manner. It develops their thinking, speaking and listening skills.