Little Owls Nursery

Now open all day!

Full time places from April

Little Owls Nursery is the only school based nursery in the heart of Ixworth village. It is part of Ixworth CE Primary School and an excellent transition for children going into their first year of primary school.

From April we will be extending our offer to full time places from 8.50am to 3.30pm including lunch.

We provide a high standard of care and education.

The nursery is run by an experienced and qualified nursery nurse team who work directly with our Early Years teacher to plan and deliver a bespoke curriculum, following the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.

The purpose built setting includes a large indoor space with zoned areas for painting, craft and wet play, and an outdoor space featuring a brand new mud kitchen. We offer continuous outdoor provision including den building in our forest areas on site.

We warmly welcome visits to our site and are available to talk with you about our provision and to support you with your childcare entitlements.

Contact us on or phone 01359 230228

To apply for a place please fill our nursery application form.

Our Aims

We provide high standards of care and education.

We inspire all children to be the best they can be.

We provide stimulating, fun and challenging activities to promote all areas of the children’s development so that they can grow and develop their full potential.

We are inclusive and recognise that every child is unique and will support them to reach their full potential.

We value and empower our children by recognising success and achievements and encouraging independence.

We work in partnership with parents and outside agencies to improve learning and care by building strong and respectful relationships.

We work closely with the local community so that our children know about and are proud of the place they live.

Classroom Organisation

In Little Owls Nursery we have an indoor and outdoor area which the children have access to at all times during free flow play. These are split into areas offering the children varied stimulating experiences which are designed to encourage learning and support the curriculum we follow.

The Early Years' Foundation Stage

The Early Year’s Foundation Stage sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. The areas of learning are:

Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and language, Physical development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the world, Expressive arts and design

In our classroom you will see a range of resources to support your child’s development in each if these areas.


Children usually spend three or four terms in the Nursery. The first few weeks can be both daunting and exciting for your child, so we would like to make a few suggestions to make this time as easy as possible.

Preparing your child

It may help your child to settle more quickly if you have talked about what will happen at Little Owls Nursery and the things they will be doing and the people they will be meeting.

There are lots of story books about starting school which you could read to your child, for example:

1. Peppa pig: Georges first day at playgroup,

2. Always in my heart by Rosin Hahessy,

3. Topsy and Tim start school by Jean Adamson,


We recognise that all our children will join Little Owls Nursery Nursery having reached different levels of independence and development in toileting and self-care. We will encourage your child to do as much for themselves as they can but we will support as needed. From time to time some children will have accidents and need to be attended to. This will be carried out by a member of staff and another staff member will be made aware that this process is taking place, in line with the schools intimate care policy. Please supply extra clothes in their bag. If your child has an accident in nursery we will change them into their spare clothes. We have a limited supply of nursery clothes.


The majority of the children in Little Owls Nursery wear a school uniform. This makes them feel part of the whole school. If you would like to purchase a school uniform please visit either or Please dress your child in sensible, comfortable clothing that they can cope with when going to the toilet as this helps them become independent. The children have access to our outdoor area in all weathers therefore please ensure your child has a coat, and if possible, welly boots and a puddle suit for the wet weather and a sun hat in the warmer weather.

Our Morning

Children are welcomed into the class at 8.50am. You are welcome to bring your child into our outside area to help settle them. The children can be helped to find their name card on their peg, which they take to put onto our Owl tree register. During the morning, there are adult led activities along with a wide range of child chosen play activities. We encourage the children to choose and organise their own play, we also encourage them to be independent and choose their own resources.

The timetable

8.50am – Come in, self-register, and free play 9.15am – Carpet time – Welcome song, counting with Mr Owl, days of the week, weather followed by maths or phonics input. 9.30am – continuous provision (indoor and outdoor) 10.00am – 11.00am – Snack bar opens. The children can self-select their drink (milk or water) and a piece of fresh fruit. 11.30am – tidy up time11.40am – story time and goodbye song12.00pm – home time12.00pm-12.30pm - lunchtime12.00pm – 12.30pm lunch12.30pm come in self-register and free play12.45pm carpet time1.00pm continuous provision (indoor and outdoor)1.30 – 2.30 pm Snack bar opens3.00pm tidy up time3.10 pm story time and goodbye song3.30pm home time

Parent Partnership

We have an open-door policy so feel free to come in and speak to us. We are always available to talk to you regarding any matters of concern, no matter how small. We are also here to discuss your child’s progress or offer ideas and advice. You know your child best and we will work in partnership with you to help support your child learn and develop. We keep parents updated via the weekly school bulletins, Tapestry, the school Twitter feed and Facebook page, email, School Website and Arbor (our online information and communication system for parents). We also have our regular Read and Share events where you are welcome to come and join us to change your child’s library book and share a story.


We follow the the Story programme, phase one, which covers general sound discrimination:

environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body percussion, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds, oral blending

We take part in activities during carpet time based on these and provide activities during the free play session.

Books and reading

Your child will be encouraged to enjoy books. We have a selection of books in class that we encourage you to share with your child at home and change for a new one on a Wednesdays. Each child will have their own reading record for you to write down the name of the book that you have borrowed. You will help your child by encouraging them to handle books themselves and talk about the pictures. Some books may not have any words, so your child can use their imagination and story making skills to make up their own story. Some children may find letters or simple words. You can encourage your child to listen to letter sounds and rhymes. Memorising and guessing words are all part of developing early reading skills.

Outdoor Provision

We have a large outside area offering a wide range of outdoor learning opportunities including our new mud kitchen, trikes, bikes and scooters, balls, bats and hoops, large construction, sand and water, mud kitchen, role play, writing shed, diggers and tractors, dinosaur small world to name a few... Children have the space to run, dig, splash, roar and more... in a safe purpose built area.