E Safety is an area which we take extremely seriously here at Ixworth Primary School. In a world where technology is advancing every day, we need to ensure that we have measures in place to keep our children safe online. At Ixworth Primary we use technology all the time, this can be through use of an Ipad, a camera, Beebots and laptops and the interactive whiteboard. Teachers plan and implement lessons that allow discussions around staying safe online, we use scenarios and what if questions to teach children about consequences to their behaviour online and what actions to take if they feel uncomfortable. We also have a filtering system in place to block any inappropriate content and work closely with our internet provider to ensure that this is updated regularly.

It’s good for parents to stay up to date with the latest sites and apps their child uses which is easy to do through the NSPCC’s site, Net Aware: www.net-aware.org.uk If you need technical help try calling the O2 and NSPCC Online Safety Helpline. It provides practical advice or support in setting up parental controls, adjusting privacy settings, understanding social networks and more. Call free on 0808 800 5002.

These posters are displayed in classes to remind children of the steps to take to stay safe online.


Our Online Safety Policy

Ixworth Online Safety Policy

The simplest ways that parents can help keep their child safe online is to have ongoing, open and honest conversations with them and get to know their online world. You can make it as easy and regular as asking them what they have been up to at school. Help your child think about who sees what they share, and compare it to what they would be happy to share offline. Discuss privacy and location settings and why they are important. Explore sites and apps with your child, which is a great way of sparking conversations and also for you to understand their online world.

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