The Write Stuff Approach

Comments from our children about this new approach:

"Can I enter the 500 word competition? I've written 502 words!" Year 6 child

"I love Writestuff, it's my favourite part of the day!" Year 4 child

Teacher: "I'm going to give you a day off writing today."

Child: "Oh but I really want to write...!" Year 2

We are excited to be starting a new journey in writing from September 2020 when we will be adopting the Write Stuff approach across the school.

The Write Stuff is a systematic approach to teaching children writing using teacher demonstration supported by colourful visuals to aid working memory. It is supported by strong research into best practice for teaching and learning.

What will this mean for my child?

If your child is part of our Early Years' setting they will be encouraged to mark make in all aspects of their learning. Adults model writing as your child learns their letters and sounds and they practice these whenever and wherever they can: outside and inside in the morning and the afternoon. Your children write about the stories that the Phonics Fairy shares with them. Your child will begin to use the Write Stuff approach to writing in their summer term.

In years 1 to 6 your child will learn to write using the writing rainbow above. The rainbow splits writing into three zones: ideas (Fantastics), tools (Grammaristics) and techniques (Boomtastics). They will focus on writing sets of high quality sentences using these zones.

They will have lots of opportunities to talk about their learning: there is a strong emphasis on the words your child chooses to use. The approach supports them to collect and think carefully about the meaning of their word choices before selection.

They will continue to learn the grammar rules of writing through lots of sentence writing practice.

They will be supported with the ideas for writing: the chunked approach to lessons, the emphasis on teachers demonstrating writing, word collection and experience days help prevent the common classroom situation where children say "I don't know what to write!"

We will be offering our popular parent/child workshop style session to tell you more about this approach soon. Listen out as your child begins to talk about these new words: 'Fantastics', 'Grammaristics' and 'Boomtastics'. Ask them what they are and to show you how they work!