This year reading is one of our priorities at Ixworth Primary School.

Our Reading Culture:

Cosy, attractive book nooks in our classrooms inviting our children to relax and choose good books to read.

Story time at the end of each day in every class. (See class pages for the book of the moment!)

Reading Buddies on a Friday each week where our older children share books with our younger children.

Half termly visits for each class to our local library where children can use their library cards to select new books to read and listen to a story read by Kaye our village librarian.

Topic displays featuring fiction and non fiction books linked with learning across the curriculum.

A large and well resourced library in school where our children choose books to read for pleasure at home.

How we teach reading at Ixworth CE Primary School

Reading begins in our Nursery where children play and learn through the seven aspects of

In Reception and Year 1 our children learn to word read using the Storytime Phonics approach.

This year we are beginning to use the Reciprocal Reading approach from Year 2 to teach reading comprehension.

Read our Core Reading Entitlement for children at Ixworth CE Primary School.

Our children work through a set of phonics based books linked to the phonemes they are learning.

As their reading strategies develop, children read a range of banded books.

Our Reading Record Booklets are bespoke for each book band with appropriate comprehension questions for each stage.

When children are fluent readers able to use a range of strategies to cue unfamiliar words and to indicate a good understanding of what they read, they move onto 'free readers' books.

Listening to Kaye the Ixworth librarian telling us how the books are organised.

Finding books we would like to borrow for the library.

Using our library cards to borrow new books.

Reading books by our favourite authors.

We visit our village library once each half term with our library cards so that we can find new and exciting books to borrow and read at home.

Pyjama and hot chocolate reading evening.

Hot chocolate - with A Squash and a Squeeze activity by Julia Donaldson.

Pyjama and hot chocolate reading evening.

Eagles getting cosy with a story.

Pyjama and hot chocolate reading evening.

Falcons enjoying a story before bed. How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson

Reading for Parents