At Ixworth we have introduced the Abacus scheme for Mathematics. This fun and engaging program provides a wide range of methods to ensure that the lessons are stimulating and inspiring while meeting the needs both of the class and the individual, at every level.

Typically, a maths lesson starts with a brisk and lively starter, warming up and getting the children ready for the lesson, followed by a teaching part of the lesson and a main activity. The teachers conduct mini plenaries throughout the lesson to ensure the children understand all concepts taught. The children use a variety of interactive games from the Abacus online learning environment, use fun and engaging resources to complete the learning tasks and are even able to continue their learning at home through the Abacus online platform. Your child has come home with a bookmark today that has details of how to log on to their online world. Some classes set homework challenges through this and more details will be shared through your child’s class page.