Making our village from small world play in Nursery.

Creating a mini Ixworth Village in Hawks.

Painting the oceans on our Earth models in Year 2.

Orienteering in Needham Lakes in Key Stage 2.

Why Geography?

Our children will learn to be Geographers because we want to inspire a curiosity in and a fascination about their world: its people and its diversity. We think it is important for our children to learn this because they need to understand how our world has evolved and the importance of looking after it. We believe it will help them to make a positive contribution to their planet and to respect and accept difference.

Progression of skills: Geography

Our Geography Progression Document

Pupil Voice

Collective Council spoke to children in each class about their Geography learning. This is what they found out...

  • Our children were able to remember the word 'Geography' and other special Geography words like orienteering, compass, navigate, ordnance survey map, latitude, longitude, human and physical features, symbol. They were able to explain what lots of these words mean.
  • Favourite moments of learning included the trip to Needham Lakes, the model village making, the Lowry art, the trip around the village, using the compass.
  • "I felt happy to be crossing the road on my own with my class and my teacher."
  • "Finding our way around Needham Lakes made me feel more responsible and worthy and free."
  • "Reading the maps was really tricky."