Our Writing Journey

In Early Years mark making is encouraged and celebrated in all aspects of our learning: inside and outside, in the morning and the afternoon. Adults model writing and as we learn our letters and sounds, we practice these whenever we can! We write about the stories that the phonics fairy shares with us. In Year 1 we begin to use our sounds to help us write longer and more adventurous words and sentences and to use some punctuation to make our sentences make sense to our readers. By the time we reach Year 2 we are starting to use lots more punctuation as well as different types of words to make our writing more interesting. In Key Stage 2 we begin a three week writing journey...

1. Reading

In Reading Week we get to know a new piece of text really well. We study the text and find all the good features.


(Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar)

In SPAG week we practice using some of the features we spotted in our text in sentences of our own.

3. Writing

In Writing Week we plan our own version of the writing. We know what will make it great because we have learnt about a great one already.

Writer's Workshop

Once a fortnight we spend a whole morning writing using pictures, events and film to inspire us. We like to share our writing with our friends and get their feedback.

Great examples of adverbial openers!

Great examples of punctuation!

Good use of time adverbials to organise the writing.

Some good examples of expanded noun phrases.