School Vision and Aims

Our vision for every child is that their primary school education will spark a life-long love of learning and curiosity, and that they will acquire the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The spiritual, social, mental and physical development of every child is as important to us as academic achievement. By the time they move to the next stage of their education, we aspire that all our pupils are resilient, adaptable, creative, compassionate and confident individuals who will become citizens of the future, contributing positively to society.

To achieve this, we will provide a safe, inclusive, challenging and stimulating learning environment where everyone is valued and children thrive by:

  • developing self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • developing lively, creative and enquiring minds and communicating effectively
  • understanding right from wrong, developing good behaviour and respect and tolerance towards other people and their beliefs
  • developing their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness in all areas of their lives and to become responsible citizens
  • experiencing the wider world through links with the church and local community
  • maximising their learning so as to be prepared for the challenges of an ever changing world
  • enabling our staff to grow within their job roles by offering support with opportunities for their professional development