Julie Esmay

Art History and Appreciation | Art in World Cultures

Julie Esmay is a former art teacher who now stays home with her children while also running her own floral business. She previously taught art in Lake Havasu, Arizona and at the Middle School in Belle Fourche, SD. Her favorite mediums are painting and drawing.

She is currently teaching two online art classes. Art History and Appreciation is an art history course that starts with basic design principles and walks students through how to view and critique art. The course then gives a quick summary of art throughout time ending with more contemporary art. The students will read through each section and take a quiz about what they have read at the end of each section. At the end of the course the student will choose their favorite art style to research and write a paper on.

Art in World Cultures is the other online course that she teaches. This course also starts with the basic design principles and encourages students to start using methods to critique art for themselves. The course then reviews a variety of art from different time periods and allows students opportunities to participate in online discussion questions. The students will participate in discussion questions, quizzes and answer questions based on the material they have read.