LISD Science

The Lewisville Independent School District science curriculum prepares all students to become scientifically literate. The students will realize the ongoing relevance of science in their everyday lives by establishing a scientific knowledge base of the natural world. LISD graduates will use science knowledge, understanding, and skills appropriately in making personal decisions, interacting in the community, and increasing economic productivity throughout their careers.

Where do I find curriculum for my class?

Log in to your School Eduphoria account at

Go to Forethought, where you can click on the side bar to access the scope and sequence.

In the Scope and Sequence tab, select the proper level and subject. -->

In addition, I will be happy to help you develop or locate additional documents or resources, such as a breakdown of TEKS across grades.

middle school TEKS alignment.docx

Multiple Curriculum Sources Outside of Eduphoria are available through including:

- STEMscopes

- Gizmos

- Discovery

LISD Secondary Science Curriculum Writing

The district is currently utilizing small teacher groups to write secondary science curriculum. This started in 2015 and will continue through 2019.

Case Study in Fall 2017: A summary of the progress for Sixth Grade is below and the resources themselves can be accessed through Eduphoria.

Analysis of UbD Units - 6th grade science

Thoughts on Curriculum

Curriculum refers to the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn, or WHAT (learning standards or objectives) and HOW they learn. Thus, teachers must also know WHAT and HOW to model the process and systems of learning. Appropriate professional development leads teachers to take responsibility for the messy process of learning and meaning making and contribute to the development of growth within themselves and their students.

Curriculum programs and facilitators add to this process by creating strong professional development frameworks and support systems, offering a thorough view of standards and the best practices that develop long-term learning experiences and create thriving and self-motivated students, happy campuses, and enduring communities.