Christy Croll

When I started my educational leadership journey, I wrote a statement of value and purpose that holds true still today. "I desire to create a community of excited learners." To this end, I advocate for student and staff agency, believe in serving the whole child, invest in developing compassionate classrooms, lead dynamic professional development, focus on making connections that count, and am curious about what's next in education and life. I believe that all young people are able to learn, create, and achieve at high levels, and that our role is to foster a strong sense of belonging through nurturing relationships that enable every learner to thrive in a future that they create.


Project Manager / Administrator / Instructional Leader

  • Spearhead development and implementation of a pioneering district-wide social emotional learning program for 10 high schools with 15,000+ students, which involved leading a team of 9 in a variety of agile projects and related tasks and timelines

  • Manage (including hiring, evaluating, and training) a team of 9 facilitators as we execute a complex SEL program for district-wide implementation, through in-person instruction and on-line learning management software (LMS), and virtual team meetings, improving student experience and learning, and connecting SEL skills to academic success

  • Coach and evaluate program facilitators to drive organizational mission and change, using Google Suites and other platforms (Webex, Basecamp, Excel, Word, Canvas, Blackboard, and more) to develop student curriculum and staff training for 1,000+ employees

  • Led a cross-functional team to create an SEL program, including long-term planning to integrate and synthesize effective and engaging learning plans and curriculum with in person and online learning options, that impacted thousands of students across the district

  • Led staff on a low-income campus through a multi-year change management process in several areas to develop new systems and protocols, resulting in an improved culture and climate for staff (rating of 4 out of 5 on evaluations for administrator support), reducing student discipline (by 30% in 1 year), and maintaining academic standards (before and during a national pandemic

  • Coordinated multiple projects (including professional development, data collection, and staff evaluations) to achieve goals for a State-required targeted improvement plan, resulting in improved collective teacher efficacy and student academic outcomes in both in person and remote settings

  • Collaborate with district and campus officials to create an action plan to address educational needs amidst a national health crisis, creating engaging curriculum for in-seat or online learning to improve student mental wellness and real-world skills in both in person and remote settings

  • Lead professional development and updates for district leadership about the program and progress on implementation and impact on campuses

  • see examples below...


Teacher / Data Coach / Science Instructional Facilitator

  • Created curriculum for multiple levels of middle and high school students including advanced placement and special education to allow for increased learner engagement and integration of standards

  • Expanded science curriculum for middles school ages, blending state standards and real-life impacts from personal and social decisions to create curiosity and motivation in student academic outcome

  • Monitored student engagement and comprehension through regular exams and assessment to provide feedback and coaching to improve grades and judge curriculum impact


Illustrator / Business Owner

  • Built an online business creating craft stamps and digital art through an innovative vision and concept design resulting in successful global online business

  • Marketed a personal vision of cute and quirky art that sold to tens of thousands of customers across the world on sole-proprietorship retail website with ~300K in sales

  • Illustrated a children's book titled "Oogle Flip" working closely with the contracting company to deliver the discussed vision for the art, offering custom services and design


  • Project Manager Professional (PMP) in progress

  • Level 1 and 2 Coaching

  • Critical Friends Coaching (SRI protocols)

  • AVID leadership

  • Crucial Conversations

  • Deloitte Courageous Principals

  • Solutions Tree RtI and PLC

  • Schletchy Center Engaging the Net Generation



  • Input (curious)

  • Achiever

  • Strategic


  • Pioneer

  • Driver


  • Campaigner


  • COPE Award (TWU)

  • LEF Grant Winner (LISD)

  • 2-Year Innovative Teacher grant through UNT Tyler

  • Co-presenter Crucial Conversations at Baylor WITA conference

  • Co-presenter at TASSP about MHS parent engagement

  • Co-presenter Growth Mindset to Marcus Parents through PEP

  • 2-time Teacher of the Year Finalist

  • Teacher of the Month


  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop is a strength)

  • iMovie (editing and publishing)

  • Google Suite

  • Kanban / BaseCamp

  • MS Suite (Excel/Word/Powerpoint are strengths)

  • Mac (Keynote and Pages are strengths)

  • LMS /Websites (Canvas / Blackboard - basic HTML skills)

  • Design (Adobe Express, Canva, etc)

Technology Proficient

Love learning new programs

Published Illustrator and Stamp Designer

Business Owner (Tiddly Inks)

People as a Priority

Focus on joyful and effective team building

Supervision and evaluation of 9 - 25 direct reports

Conflict Resolution and Crucial Conversation Skills

Process Skills

Processes, stakeholders, outcomes and products for each system matter

Prefer Agile processes for team tasks and timelines during instructional design and curriculum or assessment development

Project and Program Management Portfolio

Importance of People and Joy in Program Development and Project Management

As a former campus administrator and current district program coordinator, I am well versed in not only program development, but also people development. Without positive and meaningful relationships, projects, events, and campuses will fail to be successful.

As part of starting with people development, I am always curious about how we can work together to make something beautiful and useful -- simple and clear. I spent a lot of time learning and revamping my products until they are as great as I and my team can get them.

Teamwork can often be hard to get right without clear (sometimes hard) conversations in which authenticity and kindness guide the process. My goal is always to produce an amazing product and maintain amazing relationships along the way. If the process isn't fun and doesn't feel joyful, then the project may get done, but an opportunity was missed along the way.

published illustrator >

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“Team learning is vital because teams, not individuals, are the fundamental learning unit in modern organizations…unless teams can learn, the organization cannot learn.” - Peter Senge

Program Development and Implementation of a HS SEL Program


Spearheaded the development and implementation of a district-wide social emotional learning program for 10 high schools with 15,000+ students, which involved leading a team of 9 through a variety of projects and related tasks (see below) in which we co-developed SEL content and concepts from the ground up. Following development and training, the team of 9 facilitators collaborated with other staff (through multiple iterations and changes) to put the content and curriculum in practice to produce improved student engagement with lessons and staff as they expanded their SEL and academic skills.

SEL Update Dec 2021.pdf

Update for Campus Administration


3 - Map out SEL

1 Day Training for Facilitators

(author and artist)

Proposed SEL Program Implementation.pdf

Update for Campus Administration

(author, art designer, led committee in review)

Program included multiple projects such as:

  • Curriculum writing (weekly advisory lessons and newsletters that reached all over 15,000 students, training for 1,000+ staff, etc)

  • Event planning (successful community event held during pushback against SEL at a national level, wellness fairs and more)

  • Team management (training, presentations, multiple evaluations, culture building, conflict resolution, etc)

  • Interfacing with multiple high-stake stakeholders (community events, leadership at campus and district levels)

  • Developed an evaluation system for, and in conjunction with, SEL facilitators (resulted in exceeds expectations ratings from campus leadership)

  • Other duties included managing long-view timelines, projections, budgeting, culture building, and gaining stakeholder buy-in in a low engagement environment)

September Newsletter 22



Instructional Review Committee SEL Overview

Informational Doc. for Community

(committee developed, logo designer)

EOY 2021-2022 SEL LEAD Appraisal Rubric for Facilitators

Evaluation Example


Instructional Leadership for a Middle School Undergoing a Targeted Improvement Plan


Led staff on a low-income campus through a multi-year process to develop multiple new systems and protocols, resulting in an improved culture and climate for staff (rating of 4 out of 5 on evaluations for administrator support) and maintaining academic standards (before and during a national pandemic).

Short-term projects (a month - 6 months) included:

  • family orientation and communication at the beginning of each year (multiple community events, orientation for 3 grades, awards, graduation, newsletters, etc.)

  • staff and student updates for each year, with long-term communication and updates throughout the year, including writing a weekly family newsletter

  • improving collective teacher efficacy (ex., campus teacher profile underwent an update and committee revamp each year) to meet State protocols and standards

  • Common language and protocols creation and updates (common LMS protocols or discipline/grading policies did not initially exist) leading to an improved student experience and learning opportunity

  • Development and implementation of reflective and effective evaluations for staff and students

DMS Orientation Packet 21-22

(author and designer)

Durham MS Syllabus Addendum (Family Update 21-22)

(author and designer)

Technology /Phone Policy 2021-2022


Student Procedure Update 21-22

(author and designer)

Profile of a Teacher and Leader at Durham Dragon

(led committee / art designer)



Common Canvas Policy


Student Experience Evaluation Faculty Meeting 10/9


Passion Project

Connected Classroom Concept

Continuing development of a program designed to help staff integrate the concepts of social and emotional learning and academic outcomes, with an expected growth of 10% in academic gains, as part of a larger SEL program

  • Next Step: Create the story and profiles of students, teachers, and admin and how Connected Classrooms impact them.

Components of a Connected Classroom might include teachers who:

  • hold high expectations balanced with high support and compassion

  • differentiate and provide opportunity for student choice

  • get curious, not furious when discipline is needed

  • engage students with relevant instruction or experience for all

  • foster communities of excited, self-directed learners

  • ensure belonging of all for build academic achievement for all

  • direct teach and practice of guides and rules but enjoy structured chaos

  • make safe spaces -- physically and emotionally

  • redirect without shame or humiliation -- create classrooms of care

  • many other key actions..

Agile project tasks (a month - 6 months) included:

  • feedback from stakeholder on vision and mission of celebrating existing successes, while inspiring messaging and future action

  • creating website, designing art for badges, and documents to communicate goals for outwards communication

  • building training for staff and admin

  • refining art and messaging, and updating website

  • designing new training and starting social media advertising

  • soliciting feedback and making adjustments

(author and artist)