Christy Croll

About Me

As an administrator, I integrate a myriad of daily decisions with complex personal relationships and changing data to create a cohesive learning environment (for a Title 1 school of 85 staff and 800+ students, speaking 19 languages with a 20% mobility rate) and guide cultural and structural change, leading to improved morale and student outcomes, while building community connections and focusing on resource stewardship.

Dean of Special Programs:

Instructional Leader:

Discipline and Safety:

Other operational duties:

  • Coordinate books and busses
  • Coordinate volunteers and community outreach through Voly
  • Complete LEAD evaluations for science (‘18-’19) and special education (‘18-’20)
  • Lead and participate in committees like BLT, attendance, and more
  • Participate in parent evenings like Coffee Talks and Pizza with Parents
  • Developed communication with digital sources such as a family newsletter, orientation newsletter, and pictorial announcements on TVs throughout school
  • Spearheaded full revision of Campus Improvement Plan in Spring 2018
  • Perform lunch and extra-curricular duties as assigned

District Level Commitments:

My core values align with LISD's cornerstones:

Student Learning

  • Impact collective teacher efficacy and improve student learning using data-based practices, with staff and student reflection tools
  • Build relationships with students (and staff), leading to better learning outcomes
  • Helped students develop academic and emotional intelligence through interdisciplinary curriculum at multiple campuses and integrating SEL
  • Developed Staff Learning Website
  • Developed curriculum for multiple subjects and grades at the high school and middle school level, including environmental and aquatic sciences
  • Redesigned district-wide curriculum to be utilized by all 7th graders at LLELA
  • Voted Teacher of the Month and nominated twice as Teacher of the Year in 2003 and 2017 (McKamy and Marcus)

Student Experience

  • Developed 2 different middle school discipline guides that were implemented campus-wide (McKamy and Durham)
  • Developed SEL programming for MHS student body and teachers with a focus on connecting students and teachers through hands-on activities
  • Build collaborative culture with staff using data-focused protocols and evaluations to build consensus and change practices
  • Facilitated and attended many professional learning sessions with staff to improve collective teacher efficacy
    • Level 1 and 2 Coaching and Critical Friends workshops
    • AVID leadership training
    • Solution Tree PLC 4-day conference Summer 2019
    • Solution Tree RtI at Work 3 day conference Fall 2019

Community Involvement

  • Coordinated 300+ volunteers for LISD Back to School Fair for 3 years, serving over 4,000 underprivileged students in a 1-day event
  • Co-presented at TASSP principals conference and a women’s conference at Baylor University
  • Spearheaded rewrite of the DMS Campus Improvement Plan in 2019
  • Worked with multiple committees over many years to offer meaningful ways of engaging parents and other stakeholders and enhancing student experience:

Resource Stewardship

  • Attended AVID leadership training and school-culture driven No Excuses trainings
  • Completed Critical Friends (coaching) and Level 1 and 2 Coaching
  • Mentored a student teacher and first year teachers
  • Coach staff through regular evaluations to change practice and achieve student progress and professional goals
  • Continue my own development through trainings dedicated to improving my skills:
    • a 3-day Schlechty Center workshop on Engaging the “Net” Generation, and
    • a UNT Tyler Teacher Quality Grant (2012-2014) with 200+ hours of training in project-based learning.
    • Deloitte Courageous Principals Conference 2019
    • Crucial Conversations
    • LISD Leadership Cohort 1 and 2
Christy Croll Introduction

Other Strengths

Published children's book illustrator

- Utilize Adobe Photoshop and other digital art skills, including photography and editing movies

Illustrated for online stamp crafting business

- Utilize skills in website building and blogging

- Communicate digitally with purpose and beauty, creating buy-in and stakeholder appreciation

- Organize budgets, long-term planning, improving systems operation and project implementation