Christy Croll

Professional Summary

I am an advocate for student and staff agency, passionate about teaching the whole child, invested in developing compassionate classrooms, purposeful about leading dynamic professional development, focused on making connections that count, and curious about what's next in education and life.

"Either we spend the time filling children’s cups with love, or we spend the time dealing with behaviors caused from unmet needs. Either way we spend the time.”

- Pam Lee




“Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering, and math.”

- Ainissa Ramirez


  • Curriculum Writer

  • Instructional Coach

  • Professional Development

  • Team Leader

  • Systems Thinker


  • Level 1 and 2 Coaching

  • Critical Friends Coaching

  • AVID leadership training

  • Crucial Conversations certification

  • Deloitte Courageous Principals training

  • Solutions Tree RtI and PLC trainings

  • Schletchy Center Engaging the Net Generation


  • COPE Award (TWU)

  • LEF Grant Winner (LISD)

  • Co-presenting Crucial Conversations at Baylor WITA conference

  • 2-Year Innovative Teacher grant through UNT Tyler

  • Teacher of the Year finalist - 2004 and 2017 (LISD)

  • Co-presenting at TASSP about parent engagement

Leadership Qualities


Input (curious) Pioneer Campaigner

Achiever Driver Intuitive


The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas;

it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued.

- Ken Robinson

Administrative Duties

Durham MS - Assistant Principal

As an assistant principal for a Title 1 school, I integrate a myriad of daily decisions with complex personal relationships and changing data to create a cohesive learning environment, leading to improved morale and student outcomes and experiences... Basically, my job is to get the right people to love and inspire kids while holding high expectations for content acquisition.

Student learning and experiences improve when staff are passionate about their content and invested in making real-world connections, celebrating the big and small joys, and figuring out what makes a student tick. Without all of that combined together, systems change will not happen. The job of the administrator is to facilitate and lead systemic change in a multitude of ways, including set expectations, hire the right people, support them, hold staff to account when needed, and celebrate all ways things go right.

Prior to becoming an administrator, I loved teaching science for 10 years, with 8 years at all grades of middle school science and 2 years at a 6-A high school, teaching aquatics and AP environmental science. My goal was to combine a laboratory setting with real-world application of content and utilizing interdisciplinary focuses when possible. I taught the way I believe my staff should teach now -- kids first, standards second, and high expectations always.

I was also lucky to serve my district as an instructional facilitator and coach, supporting a variety of science teachers at 8 campuses (3 high schools and 5 middle schools).

Staff Essentials for 20-21

Professional Learning:

Special Programs:

Survey for Sped

Other Operational Duties:

Discipline and Safety:


  • Back to School Fair (lead organizer for Volunteers and general procedures)

  • District Task Force for planning 20-21 school year

  • Spearheaded full revision of Campus Improvement Plan in Spring 2018

  • Coordinate books and busses

  • Coordinate volunteers and community outreach through Voly

  • Lead and participate in committees like BLT, attendance, and more

  • Participate in parent evenings like Coffee Talks and Pizza with Parents

  • Developed communication with digital sources such as a family newsletter, orientation newsletter, and pictorial announcements on TVs throughout school

District Admin Website


Illustrator and Designer

As a published children's book illustrator, I utilize my creative side with proficient use of Adobe Photoshop and other digital art skills, including photography and editing movies, in a variety of programs and applications. This allows me to communicate with purpose and beauty.

As Einstein says,

the greatest scientists

are artists as well.


  • Utilize Adobe Photoshop and other digital art skills, including photography and editing movies in a variety of programs and applications

  • Utilize skills in website building and blogging

  • Communicate digitally with purpose and beauty, creating buy-in and stakeholder appreciation

  • Organize budgets, long-term planning, improve systems operations and project implementation

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