• Input (curious)

  • Achiever

  • Strategic


  • Pioneer

  • Driver


  • Campaigner

Skills as a Program Coordinator and Campus Administrator

  • Communicate digitally with excellence, purpose and beauty, creating buy-in and stakeholder appreciation

  • Organize budgets, long-term planning, improve systems operations and project implementation

  • Utilize Adobe Photoshop and other digital art skills, including photography and editing movies in a variety of programs and applications

  • Utilize skills in website building and blogging www.tiddlyinks.com

  • Create strong teams that work together to finalize projects and have fun

  • Write content, curriculum, and assessments based on standards

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Google Suite

Adobe Suite



Web Design

Movie Editing

As a former campus administrator and current district program coordinator, I am well versed in not only program development, but also people development. Without positive and meaningful relationships, projects, events, and campuses will fail to be successful.

As part of starting with people development, I am always curious about how we can work together to make something beautiful and useful -- simple and clear. I spent a lot of time learning and revamping my products until they are as great as I and my team can get them. Teamwork can often be hard to get right without clear (sometimes hard) conversations in which authenticity and kindness guide the process. My goal is always to produce an amazing product and maintain amazing relationships along the way.

Educational Certifications

  • Level 1 and 2 Coaching

  • Critical Friends Coaching

  • AVID leadership training

  • Crucial Conversations certification

  • Deloitte Courageous Principals training

  • Solutions Tree RtI training

  • Solution Tree PLC training

  • Solution Tree PLC at Work PEP

  • Schletchy Center Engaging the Net Generation

Educational Honors

  • COPE Award (TWU)

  • LEF Grant Winner (LISD)

  • Co-presenting Crucial Conversations at Baylor WITA conference

  • 2-Year Innovative Teacher grant through UNT Tyler

  • Teacher of the Year finalist - 2004 and 2017 (LISD)

  • Co-presenting at TASSP about MHS parent engagement

  • Co-presenting Growth Mindset to Marcus Parents through PEP