Christy Croll

About Me

Christy Croll Introduction

Certifications and Qualifications

Administrative Certification, May 2017

- AEL March 2017; TTESS May 2017

Secondary Science 8-12

Biology 6 -12


Generalist EC - 6

AVID Leadership June 2017

TASSP 2017

Hard Conversations, February 2017

Crucial Conversations, August 2016

Level 1 and 2 Coaching

Critical Friends

Team leader for multiple years

Mentor teacher for first-year teachers and student teacher

Teacher of the Year Finalist at middle school and high school level

Invited to train first-year science teachers for LISD in 2016 and 2017

Curriculum Writer and Learning Facilitator

Christy Croll Summary

TWU Honors

received COPE award for Outstanding Graduate Student Internship

invited to be guest panelist for first-year teachers

President of 21st Century Literacy Council

Other Honors

recipient of Dr. Jerry Roy Fellowship from LEF

presented at Baylor University WITA conference in April 2018

Leadership Philosophy

Authentic leaders cultivate a unique self-reflective perspective and recognize this process is true for many of those with whom they interact. Reflection on how to honor these differences and successfully blend multiple viewpoints requires leaders to take responsibility for creating respectful discourse and fostering trust.

Administrators who build trust form a solid foundation for the whole system, creating the potential for connections and learning to happen at all levels. Leaders facilitate interpersonal connections by showing patience, enthusiasm, wisdom and supporting the hopes and visions of the many, yet still making room for the individual.

Hope and positivity grown through a leader’s focus on authenticity not perfection, integrity not pacification, and growth not complacency help knit together a strong educational community in which staff and students value innovation, skills, and most important, relationships that last a lifetime.

Non-educational Strengths

Published children's book illustrator

utilize Adobe Photoshop and other digital art skills, including photography and editing movies

Owned a successful online stamp crafting business

utilized skills in website building and blogging,

communicating digitally with purpose and beauty, creating buy-in and stakeholder appreciation

organizing budgets, long-term planning, improving systems operation and project implementation