Administrative Philosophy

Authentic leaders cultivate a unique self-reflective perspective and recognize this process is true for many of those with whom they interact. Reflection on how to honor these differences and successfully blend multiple viewpoints requires leaders to take responsibility for creating respectful discourse and fostering trust.

Administrators who build trust form a solid foundation for the whole system, creating the potential for connections and learning to happen at all levels. Leaders facilitate interpersonal connections by showing patience, enthusiasm, wisdom and supporting the hopes and visions of the many, yet still making room for the individual.

Hope and positivity grown through a leader’s focus on authenticity not perfection, integrity not pacification, and growth not complacency help knit together a strong school community in which staff and students value innovation, skills, and most important, relationships that last a lifetime.


be accountable for growth and change by coaching teachers and students

be authentic and act with integrity

build a place of interiority for myself and mirror it for my teachers and students

implement and cultivate positivity within the school culture

integrate technology as a tool to communicate with creativity and purpose

build relevant standard-based curriculum that allows for multi-disciplinary integrated, individualized learning

envision a positive innovative future in which students create useful applied learning


Administrative Certification, May 2017

AEL March 2017; TTESS June 2017

Crucial Conversations, August 2016


Generalist EC - 6

2.5 years in a paraprofessional assignment in two Title 1 schools where I assisted with tutorials and remediation over reading, writing and math

also attended PLCs for grades K -5 and helped integrate standard-based learning and teaching

worked with every teacher in rotation groups to provide math and reading tutorials to many students

worked with special populations as requested

gathered data from AWARE to guide develop of tutorials and PLCs

Secondary Science 8-12

Biology 6 -12

2 years in high school, 1 year in 8th, 4 years in 7th, and 2 years in 6th

created and improved standard-based curriculum each year, including multidisciplinary activities

examples of engineering-based activities included waterwheels, roller coasters, Body City, Rube Goldberg, and other PBL physics

2 years as part of UNT Tyler's Innovative Teaching Grant implementing PBL in my classroom

attended SEEC at NASA in 2013

participated in 3-day Schletchy Center workshop on Engaging the Net Generation (building a digital classroom)

designed my own digital classrooms,

Administrative Experience

lead staff-wide professional development/book study /Twitter Chat over A Beautiful Constraint (8 sessions); #mhsabc

spearheaded campaign to give each Marcus student “Somewhere To Belong” – an effort to measure and enhance student involvement and engagement through club-based charity and service activities.

serving and working with assistant principals on multiple leadership sub-committees to:

    1. improve social and mental health of staff and students
    2. created a 15-minute lesson on SEL that was administered to the entire student body (involved screencasting and editing in iMovie)
    3. improve perceived staff connections
      • created rogue’s gallery with each employee’s name and picture posted in central location
      • implemented school-wide program to update uniform identification plaques with teacher’s college logo and information for each classroom
      • increase college awareness by installing 30+ college banners throughout hallway
    4. improve attendance and student engagement
      • coordinated extensive data collection and analysis on extracurricular clubs and academic honor societies to identify needs and patterns for improvement

serving on Parent Education Program (PEP) COMMITTEE:

        • updated PEP website
        • September: created Skyward and technology tips and presented to parents
        • January: assisted with college and AP placement information workshop with parents
        • February: coordinated multiple vendors and helped plan Healthy Families, Healthy Kids workshop
        • March: helped coordinate presentation of the documentary Winning the Fight

serving on RtI and PAWS committee

        • assisting with planning RtI for next year

completing trend walkthroughs and shadowing current administrators

assisted in discipline to improve student behavior issues

investigated an improvement plan for a teacher in need of improvement

assisting with completion of master schedule

assisted with emergency drills

served as a supervisor at functions and games

attended Hard Conversations training conference Feb 2017

District Level and Leadership Cohort

completing Action Plan to present to Board in the spring

serving on Back-to-School fair planning committee

participant in e-Portfolio video for district

TWU Honors:

invited to be guest panelist for first-year teachers

President of 21st Century Literacy Council

received COPE award for Outstanding Graduate Student

Additional Qualifications

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive

curious, observant, process-focused,

strong communicator, energetic,

maintain harmony,

naturally use personal feelings and values when making decisions



Understand Others

Believe in Purpose



Teacher of the Year Finalist; middle school and high school level

Invited to train first-year science teachers for LISD in 2016

Curriculum Writer

created new curriculum for each class I taught; most recently for Aquatic Science, seen on; Fall 2016 semester plans

utilize my ability to connect and integrate topics in a multidisciplinary fashion

- created successful cross-disciplinary projects with math and English

Published children's book illustrator

utilize Adobe Photoshop and other digital art skills, including photography and editing movies

Owned a successful online stamp crafting business

utilized skills in website building and blogging;

communicating digitally with purpose and beauty, creating buy-in and stakeholder appreciation

organizing budgets, long-term planning, improving systems operation and project implementation