Curb™ Bars aid in the purpose of weight management by supporting the gastrointestinal system—acting as a pre-biotic and cleanser. Curb Bar mimics nature’s mix of soluble to insoluble fiber to better grant the many health benefits that can only come from both types of fiber. Insoluble fiber promotes regularity and digestive health, while soluble fiber supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, slows digestion, and provides feelings of “fullness” to aid in diet control and weight management.

Max International Curb weight management fiber bar Nutritional Facts.
Max International Curb weight management fiber bar - BSCG Banned Substance Control Group Certified for sport, no banned substances WADA Gold Standard.

Curb Bar - Against the Competition

There are many snack bars on the market, but only ONE has a blend of insoluble and soluble fiber that mimics natural fruits and vegetables. At 120 calories for a total of 12 grams of fiber, Curb also has the best ratio of caloric intake to fiber intake on the market. No other snack offers so much fiber for so few calories.

Curb bar is also low in sodium and contains all-natural glucose as a sweetener. When you’re looking for the best possible fiber intake with the lowest amount of calories and additives, then there is no comparison – Curb stands alone.

Max International Curb Bar weight management, vs Visalus Nutra-Cook Raisin vs Isagenix Fiber snacks vs Herbalife Cookies n'cream vs Quest Brownie
Max International Curb Bar - Weight Management vs Kashi - Go Lean vs Jenny Craig vs FiberOne vs Atkins Chocolate vs Metamucil