Health Prescriptions - Or Drug Prescriptions?

It is widely published that the use of alternative, complementary and nutritional treatment modalities, is a growing trend among traditional medical professionals. Without question, the medical community has recognized the need for integrating nutritional supplementation into treatment protocols. While drugs may have benefit in combating a specific disease or fighting an infection, often toxicity issues associated with those drugs create additional reciprocal issues. Nutritional supplements—vitamins, minerals, or herbs, can mitigate these toxicity issues and assist the body in promoting sustainable recovery, reducing the duration of drug treatment—which is good for the patient. Tightening regulations in the natural health care and nutritional industry—critically vital to public protection—is fueling an unprecedented rush to validate natural products of real efficacy. This is good for medical practitioners truly concerned with real patient health. Doctors looking for scientifically validated nutritional products with quantifiable results are coming into an age where recognized, peer reviewed and published studies are quickly becoming the norm within integrative and complementary communities.

As medical practitioners dedicated to real science and real answers for your patients, it is critical that the products you recommend produce real results. This site is dedicated to one thing—delivering information and access to the most advanced, scientifically validated, peer reviewed and published, natural supplements available—natural health compounds that are as effective in practise as they are in theory—and providing practitioners with integration options, nutritional support information and client referrals. You are here because you are looking outside of the traditional medical chest for answers that you may not have yet found. You are a real doctor, with real patients, in need of real answers—beyond the prescription pad. Taking a tour of this site, you will find nothing but pure science and real answers for your patients.