Glutathione - The Definitive Key To Quality of Life

Just a decade ago, 90% of medical practitioners had never heard the word Glutathione, yet this incredibly important molecule was discovered more than 100 years ago—it is the most powerful and abundant antioxidant in the human body—literally thousands of times more powerful than any other endogenous or exogenous antioxidant. Members of the medical community exposed to Glutathione, rightly dismissed it's use in oral supplementation or medicinal application, citing its non-existent bio-availability. Today it has become the most studied molecule in the spectrum of antioxidants—arguably in all of medical science. Over the past two decades, it's benefits have been found to extend far beyond its antioxidant abilities, and there's a growing number of delivery mechanisms commercially available—only two exist that are worth exploring—only one is 100% bio-available, completely natural, with zero toxicity or medical contradiction.

Medicinal Importance of Glutathione

  • Master Antioxidant
  • Master Detoxifier
  • Primary Anti-inflammatory
  • Protector of Mitochondrial DNA
  • DNA Function
  • Gene Expression
  • Cell Proliferation & Apoptosis
  • Anti-viral, fungal, bacterial
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Oxygen Assimilation
  • ATP Production
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Signal Transduction
  • Cytokine Production
  • Immune Function

The pie chart above, represents search results on PubMed for each of these important antioxidants—as of January 2017. As a chronological comparison—a PubMed search of Vitamin C in 2008 would have yielded 52,000 citations, today, its just over 55,000. Glutathione in 2008 was at just about 80,000 and today is just shy of 130,000. The only other antioxidants that demonstrate comparable significance, are Vitamin D as noted above—which pales by nearly 50%, or if you search by the entire vitamin B spectrum cumulatively. Clearly, the importance of Glutathione and its' implications in health cannot be overstated.

Depleted Glutathione

Considering the importance of Glutathione in the function of every single cell and its' critical importance as the first line of immune defence—demonstrated by extremely high concentrations in epithelial lining of the lungs—its no surprise that depletion of GSH has been linked to more than 70 of the most life-threatening conditions humanity faces, including ageing itself. While ageing is a chronological fact of life, quality of life has little to do with a persons age, but has everything to do with good nutritional practises—in particular maintaining adequate Glutathione production. The overwhelming level of scientific research involving Glutathione would suggest, that addressing chronic health issues, whether in the young or old, should first ensure this primary antioxidant is optimized—not merely adequate.