By providing interactions among one another, the school dormitory takes an active role in the whole person development of our students. Residing in the dormitory also allows our students to have more time for their studies and training.

Our staff all work closely together to take care of the boarders. The activities of the boarders include film shows, study tutorials, celebrations for various festivals, sex awareness education seminars, leadership training program, high table dinner and two-hour study time every day supervised by wardens and tutors who provide instant help to problems in their studies.

By providing a colourful dormitory life, our students can master interpersonal skills, be independent as well as cooperatives. Targeted at whole person development, the dormitory aims at maximizing the potentials of the boarders in various aspects. The educational goals for our boarders are:

1. To have improvement every day.

2. To be respectful.

With efforts and support from everyone, our dormitory will become an even better place for the overall development of our boarders.

Dormitory Administrative Staff

Honorary Warden : Mr. Cheng Yuen Shan

Chief Warden : Mr. Yip Wing Shun

Assistant Chief Warden : Mr. Chan Wai Leung

Administrative Officer : Ms. Hui Chui Ping

Resident Tutor : Ms. Wai Pik Han

Resident Tutor : Mr. Leung Ka Wing

Boarders' Union

President : Mak Chui Ying 4C 9

Vice-President : Chak Sik Sheung 4F 1

Treasurer : Cheng Hei Lun 5A 13

Financial Secretary : Kan Kwok Tsuen 5F 20

General Secretary : Tang Tsz Tsun 4E 19 Wong Chung Laam 3A 15

Recreational Secretary : Yeung Yung Kam 3E 20 Chan Ying Wai 2D 15

Property Management Secretary : Wong Yu Hang 4E 27 Leung Yat Long 4D 18 Yue Yat Kit 2A 31

Promotional Secretary : To Ka Tao 4D 21

Dormitory Leaders

Kong Ka Yu 5A 14 Chen Yunyu 2A 2

Li Sen Hoi 2A 9 Yuen Ying Kwan 2B 14

Lui Yin Ting 2D 8 Leung Shun Nok 2E 26

Chan Tsz Huen 3C 2 Chan Yung Lei 3C 3

Chow Yat Long 3C 18 Shek Ming Him 3C 26

Tan Sio Seng 3E 29 Chan Yuet Lam 4F 2

Chung Ho Kiu 4F 4 Kwok Ming Lai 6C 15

Leung Chit Ying 6F 7