Rocks in Motion

Trinity High School

Service to others, to our school, and to our community is at the heart of Trinity’s mission. Jesus’ example is one of service, and we strive to emulate that. We serve with a willing heart and a commitment to be a force for good. Scripture, the Corporal Works of Mercy, and Catholic Social Teaching guide our service, requiring us to reach beyond the needs or our family, and to see and serve Christ in the oppressed, vulnerable, and marginalized. Trinity students will complete a total of 80 hours of service, or 20 hours of apostolic service per year.


Called by the Gospel and faithful to our Catholic identity, we affirm our role to serve God through service to others. We play an integral part in the Church's mission when we embrace our call to live in solidarity with all God’s children.

Called to respect and to give witness to the dignity of all people, students engage in apostolic service experiences so as to see and experience Christ in all people they serve. This foundational experience serves to foster within our students a connection between learning our faith and practicing our faith through a spirit of lifelong service to all our brothers and sisters.