Consultation on Annual Reports to Parents

Annual Reports to Parents consultation


All schools are required to provide parents with an annual report which outlines the progress and attainment of their child during the academic year. It should cover the national curriculum and comment on other important aspects of education, such as personal, social and emotional development. Attendance records should also be included.

Reports are sent home just before transition to the next class, usually in the middle of June. The exact timing can vary slightly, as we are waiting for confirmation of the Y1 Phonics Check threshold to be published by the DfE.

At the end of FS2 (end of EYFS), Y2 (end of KS1) and Y6 (end of KS2) there are specific requirements to report on pupil outcomes, which are generally done separately to the annual reports in Y6 as the SATs outcomes have not been published when the Annual Reports are sent home..


Annual reports to parents serve a range of purposes and people will have different views on which are more important:

  • To provide a window into a child’s journey in school, enabling parents to understand what their child has learnt.

  • To record the academic progress and achievement against the national curriculum against the context of national expectations for the child’s age.

  • To highlight relative strengths and weaknesses a pupil may have.

  • To celebrate a child’s successes.

  • To encourage parental engagement and direct support for the child’s learning at home.

  • To provide a ‘keepsake’ which parents can share with their family and child in future years.

Teacher workload

It is estimated that each annual report takes approximately 1 hr - 1 ½ hrs to write. For a class of 30 pupils, this represents between 30 hrs and 45 hrs. This is a full weeks work, in addition to the standard workload. This is a considerable time investment, which means we need to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Aim of the consultation

  • To understand how our parents view the Annual Reports to Parents that we produce: what parents would like to keep the same and what they would like to change.

  • To see if the current formats can be simplified to reduce teacher workload.

How we will consult

  • We will provide samples of the report templates we use on the school website for parents and staff to view in early January 2019 and remind themselves of what we currently do.

  • We will provide parents with a questionnaire to complete about the current templates.

  • Parents will have the opportunity to discuss the report templates with the headteacher on Monday 21st January 2019, at 14:30 and at 17:30.

  • The findings will be discussed at a staff meeting and changes made to the templates during February 2019.

  • The new templates will be shared with parents via the school website in March / April 2019.

Report Templates

Our current report templates can be seen below. They always look a little spars when they are not completed, so it may be useful to look at reports that were previously sent home with your child (if your child has been at Thorogate School last year or longer).


Please complete the short survey on Annual Reports to Parents to help us include your views.