Congratulations on purchasing the latest handheld professional Calibry 3D scanner!

This device uses the latest technology in scanning with structured light and allows to capture even the most complex surfaces.

This manual contains information on installation and usage of Calibry Nest software, scanner operation and recommendations for the scanning process itself.

When using the device, remember that a 3D scanner is a high-precision optical device that requires careful handling. Careful usage and compliance with the rules of usage will ensure a long life for the scanner.


  1. Your Calibry

  1. Downloading the software

  1. Calibry Nest Interface

  1. Scanner connection

  1. Scanner Interface

  1. Scanner calibration

  1. Scanning

  1. Postprocessing the scan step by step

  1. Assembling a 3D model from several scans

  1. Toolbar

  1. Additional capabilities