This is a guide for developing media, copy, digital experiences, environmental graphics, and physical products that represent Third Wave Automation’s corporate brand and market position.

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Feel free to always send us questions about how to uphold and implement the Third Wave Automation brand.

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About Third Wave Automation™

Third Wave Automation™ (TWA) was founded in 2018 in Union City, CA, to alleviate increasing supply chain stress using intelligent automation products and services. The first of its products, the TWA Reach, is the only forklift automation solution on the market today that offers users the flexibility to deploy their fleet in four modes – fully autonomous, remote operation, remote assist and manual operation. TWA brings people and automated systems together to improve throughput, efficiency, and safety beyond what people or automation could achieve alone.

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to create its collaborative autonomy platform, TWA’s fleet management system provides the visibility and tools needed to effectively manage fleets of automated forklifts and respond to edge cases in a timely and effective manner. The Third Wave Automation solution easily integrates into existing workflows with no costly infrastructure changes commonly required by traditional automation solutions and gives customers an immediate impact with benefits from day 1. For more information, visit