The testimonials below are given as written, except the authorship has been reduced to initials only.

AB: Chris brings a lifetime of experience to the field of Oriental Medicine. It seems he has found his calling within this profession and I would highly recommend that anyone seeking help reach out to Chris. His attention to detail and true desire to help others sets him a step above the rest while his caring nature combined with analytical thinking speak to who he is as a practitioner, as well as a person. Laramie, WY is lucky to have him.

AM: The Heavenly Emperor herbs are genius. When would be a good time for me to stop in and buy another bottle? They really have helped to moderate my stress and better my sleep. Thank you.

BB: Would you consider creating a tai chi subscription channel on YouTube? NO ONE teaches [Taiji] in the way you do. Your level of excellence is unparalleled.

BC: It has been my experience in receiving acupuncture, that Chris has the ability to connect with his clients in a caring way that goes beyond the skill & knowledge he has acquired for the physical placing of acupuncture needles. As one of his clients, I have experienced his ability to treat the "whole person", mind, body and spirit, and to facilitate self-healing. I also found his ability to treat my hip & shoulder injuries eased the pain and allowed for deeper healing.

BJ: Chris has always focused on helping others achieve their own potential. A strong mix of personal and academic skills honed through practical experience and tireless dedication, I heartily recommend Chris for anyone looking to further develop themselves in a holistic manner.

CB: Don't look any further than Dr. Chris Dewey for your treatment. He is a phenomenal acupuncturist. He's also an amazing life coach after having spent decades as a Professor of Micropalaeontology. He's had some incredible experiences which he might divulge if you ask nicely. Truly a master of many disciplines. He instantly relieved me of strange internal heat I'd been feeling and after a few sessions, mostly cured me of other strange symptoms I was grappling with. He was the only one who understood what was going on. My ailment had stumped every Western doc I visited. He also recommended changes to my diet, offered advice on nutrition, herbs, and patiently and painstakingly shared the Chinese holistic approach that helped immensely. I live in California but I will travel to him after my experience for treatment, because he's the only one who helped me. I recommend him without reservation.

CS: Real deal healer! A true healer; he listens, takes consideration and time with his clients. Everyone is important to him and that is clear when you visit him as he makes you feel important. He cares! He is very knowledgeable not only about the human body and its anatomy, but also in the human spirit and teachings to heal and guide all. I went in with serious health problems that were debilitating. I didn't know how to fix them or why it was happening. All I knew was my physical symptoms. I had really bad pain in my ovaries and had been dealing with ovarian cysts for quite some time. It got so bad that I couldn't even lift simple items or exert myself in anyway including, working out, without seriously worse pain following. Not to mention thyroid and hormone balance issues. At a loss of what to do and financially strapped, I couldn't afford to go to the Dr yet again to be told there's not much they can do and what they could do would take a long time of testing and medication or even another surgery. After spending thousands already, I just couldn't afford to do that right now. So two confidants referred me to Chris Dewey at Thirdpathway Acupuncture. Despite not wanting to be poked with more needles, I was weak. So I called Thirdpathway Acupuncture and got in later that day and I am truly amazed and forever grateful that I did go to Chris! After my very first appointment ever, my whole body was on the path to healing! Just 3 days later my pain was gone completely and all my other associated symptoms were gone! I am a regular patient now working on healing my whole body and spirit!

DB: Chris Dewey changed my life... or at least improved it to the point where I can wear shoes of any type once again. I visited him in the hopes that acupuncture could relieve the pain of bunions, and instead discovered that they could be completely removed in just two sessions. In addition, I had painful arthritic swelling in my finger joints and those too were relieved and have virtually disappeared. I would highly recommend Chris Dewey to all who desire a speedy resolution and pain relief for these ailments.

DP: Chris was recommended to me by a co-worker - after three weeks of trying to deal with excruciating pain to my knees and hamstring (due to that wonderful elliptical machine). Chris truly cares! I found him to be extremely professional, considerate and after three visits with Chris my pain was gone and I can walk again. I did find out that I have arthritis in my knees and going forward will visit Chris regularly to help keep ahead of the game. All I can say, if you are dealing with any kind of malady - go see Chris!

JB: Chris has used his acupuncture skills to help me overcome shakes or tremors from familial or essential tremors. I noticed an immediate change after my first treatment. Chris recommended herbs to go along with the acupuncture treatments. Today, I am able to do activities that require fine motors skills such as typing, writing, electric wiring, etc. I would recommend Chris, and will continue to use him as part of my on-going treatment process for the essential tremors.

JD: This herbal coptis formula is pretty amazing. I got it from you to delay an impending root canal for a few weeks until it fit my schedule. Six months later I am still delaying the root canal and I haven't finished the bottle! Thank you!

JS: I’ve had no burning, tingling, nor numbness in my fingers since today’s treatment. There is noticeably less pain in both wrists/hands. It makes me feel hopeful my problem could be managed without ingesting damaging drugs.

KP: Chris is a soulful healer, gifted teacher, and thoughtful coach. You'll always find yourself in a better way after spending time with him.

LH: Chris is a talented acupuncturist and herbalist. He provides patient-centered care with respect and dignity. Whether you seek health and well-being or need help in overcoming health issues, give Chris a call!

MC1: Chris is an excellent practitioner [whose] deep knowledge base coupled with his excellent personal interaction skills makes him one of the best. I would recommend Chris for any health concern or need you may have, you will not be disappointed.

MC2: I highly recommend Chris. I have known Chris for years and he is absolutely dedicated to the wellness of others.

NS: When I moved to Laramie in the summer of 2018, the acupuncturist in my former community highly recommended Chris Dewey. At my first appointment with Chris, I had pain in both legs and knees and was unable to walk comfortably. I also had numbness in my right leg that had not responded to previous acupuncture treatments. Chris took on the challenge, and I am now nearly pain-free and have started walking for exercise again. The numbness in my right leg is almost gone, and I anticipate that it will be eliminated after a few more treatments. I feel blessed to be a client of [Chris] Dewey.

RA: Chris is the best! He truly cares and takes the time to explain anything you want to know. I have anxiety issues and a needle phobia and his calm, knowledge and caring very quickly won my trust. I felt very safe and calm and enjoyed my sessions. For 30 years, I never had a regular period. No matter what doctors did or what medicines they put me on it was always 3 to 9 months between my periods. After several months of weekly treatments my cycle is completely regular every month!

SD: I have worked with Chris previously and found him to be extremely conscientious and caring. He works very hard for his patients and is intent on providing high quality service to them. Laramie is lucky to have him.

TM: I've known Chris Dewey for many years. Though I've not had the pleasure of getting acupuncture from him, I would trust him because of past experience.