What happens in a Speech Therapy Session?

In the first session, I listen to your concerns about your child and what your goals are for your child. 

I explain if and how speech therapy can help your child. We discuss assessment and understanding your child's abilities. If you decide to work with me, then we may complete a therapy agreement.

Together we decide on your child's communication goals. We decide how often your child has speech therapy, where we do speech therapy and which significant people in your child's life we should include.

I may use standardised assessments, screening tests and informal observations during play and conversation to assess a child's speech, language, fluency and social skills.

I may also write a report about your child's abilities, if it is needed.

You may like to  watch the video on What happen in Speech Therapy at Think Play Thrive. It can help your child know what to expect and feel calmer. 

If you have any question about therapy, I am happy to talk about them with you. My contact details are here.