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Combining design with high quality materials, BrickWerx Construction can create a space for you that is truly spectacular. Patios are a fantastic way to enjoy the company of your family and friends, all while staying in your budget. We specialize in stone seating, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and custom paving stone designs. Combined with our guarantee, you will enjoy these spaces for years to come!

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Pool Surrounds

Relaxing by your pool should feel and look like a luxury, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! By helping you select the right brick or stone designs, BrickWerx can transform your backyard oasis in to something beautiful, without sacrificing quality, strength, or durability.

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Whether you are looking to increase function or simply enhancing your curb appeal, your driveway can make all the difference. BrickWerx can help! Using a variety of different materials, we offer the strongest, most reliable, and esthetic results which can be found nowhere else.

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Retaining Walls

Whether you’re seeking decoration or function, combining walls with natural landscape elements can really improve the feel of your space. Retaining Walls are not only useful for shaping your landscape, but also to create esthetic borders on your property. Modular walls are highly useful in the construction of outdoor living areas, and can help define the ideal design you have for your property. Whatever you choose, we can assure that you will have a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting product.

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Custom Paving Stone Designs

Allow your personality to shine with your own custom paving stone designs. Let us bring your design to life with a professional installation. Our staff of detail driven professionals will ensure that your project is unique, perfect, and built to last.

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