Celebrating five generations of bluegrass, old country, rock, Celtic, and classical music featuring fiddles, guitars, and vocals, the Perkins family has reached thousands of eager listeners throughout the northeast. The family has been recognized by Traditional Arts in Upstate New York (TAUNY) by receiving the prestigious North Country Heritage Award. Recipients of this award are chosen because of their "evidence of traditionality, mastery, and creative commitment to their art form over time and a commitment to their community and the teaching of others." Known for their decades of performing, family members have competed and sucessfully placed first place as well as in the top three of their division in numerous fiddle championships. The Perkins family has also had many opportunities to entertain for top government offices at state and national levels. They have appeared on both radio and television broadcasts thoughout the northeast as well as recording numerous CD's. The Perkins family welcomes you to their website!


It was on one of my many, long daily commutes to college that I began thinking about the musical history of the Perkins family. How does my musical heritage affect me and the person I am now; what really does this all mean?

I began thinking about Uncle Donnie and Aunt Phyllis and how they have been entertaining for so many years throughout New York, Vermont and Canada. I thought of my father, Phil, playing in the Perkins Family band while in high school and playing bass in the Inisheer band. I remembered my beginnings as a musician and the fun times I had attending square dances as a young child. These thoughts congealed and it became very clear that we have an enormous amount of music that our family represents. We have each contributed our own piece to the musical puzzle, we are not getting any younger, and the need to compile our music has never been more important than now. With all these thoughts converging within my head it was obvious the time was right to go forth and showcase our heritage; hence the birth of “The Perkins Family Anthology.”

The purpose driving this project is to celebrate the accomplishments of our family in one cohesive set of musical records. This compilation represents five generations of music and has been an enormous undertaking. It encompasses old recordings that have been resurrected from the early 30's, 50's and mid-70's. Voices long gone have been given a voice once more. It is an open project; meaning that in generations to come those family members choosing to add their musical talents to this project will have the opportunity. Forever more will the Perkins Family music live on, especially for our progeny.

The Perkins Family Anthology “Fiddle in the Middle” – a legacy in the making.