Season 4


Thursday 9.16.21

It's Fri-Yay EVE! Teachers and Students please tune in for some very important school updates! Have a great day!

Be sure to answer the Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia Questions Below

Wednesday 9.15.21

It's Hump Day!!! We are halfway through the week. Tune in! Happy Birthday Mr. Young!

Tuesday 9.14.21

New Day New News! Short and Sweet!

Monday 9.13.21

We are back with another week of headlines. The weather is changing! We hope you had a great weekend, now lets have a great week!

Friday 9.10.21

FRI-YAY! Short week. Short News! Have a great weekend!😊

Thursday 9.9.21

Almost Friday! We are almost to the weekend! Enjoy the news! Excuse Ms. Kendrick's face popping in and out. She wasn't following directions and didnt have herself on mute!LOL Enjoy!

Wednesday 9.8.21

Short and sweet today. Thanks to Mr. Kiaya for setting the vibe for the week!

Tuesday 9.7.2021

We are back! News Week! Tune in!

College Visits

Friday 9.3.2021

Did someone say 3 Day Weekend? Sign us up! We made it through the second week of school! Take a look at the news!

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College Visits

Thursday 9.2.21

Thursday already! Time is flying! Tune in for an important message from Ms. Wiggins. Have a great day!

Wednesday 9.1.21

September already! How did we get here?!? How Sway?! Check out the latest and greatest headlines. Have a great Hump Day.

Tuesday 8.31.21

We are back! New Headlines. New SCCS News. Take a Peek!

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Paris Interest Meeting:

π™Όπš˜πš—πšπšŠπš’ 𝟾.𝟹𝟢.𝟸𝟷

That's Right We ARE BACK! New building, New logo, New School Year. Yeah we act'n real brand new! Tune in to the first episode of the Wildcat Daily News for the 2021 -2022 school Year ! Welcome Back.

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