Growing Tips

So now what? You bought succulents and you want them to be happy and healthy. Good news! Succulents are very easy to grow and resistant to torture. Literally anyone can grow them!

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't over-water! 90% of problems arise from this. Succulents like water every 7-10 days. Make sure the soil has time to dry out before watering again because succulents become soft and droopy when over-watered.
  • Use fast draining soil. Blending in extra pumice with a high-quality potting soil will work great.
  • Limit exposure to inland sun. If you live on the coast, full sun is fine. Use caution when moving greenhouse-grown succulents to a sunny location. The leaves with burn if they don't have enough time to acclimate.
  • Remove dead leaves and your succulents will thank you. Also, they look their best when groomed periodically.
  • Use organic fertilizer every year before spring for best results. No fertilizer? No worries. Just be sure to do the next tip.
  • Re-pot every 3 years (or so). Use fresh soil and a bigger pot. Rearrange the succulents using their new shapes and sizes to balance the arrangement.
  • Enjoy! Succulents are fun and relaxing.