The Succulent Farmer, founded in 2017, began as a collection, became an obsession, and finally a business! The owner, Kyle, started collecting succulents in 2006 while he attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. A Bay Area native, Kyle returned to the San Francisco area after graduation and continued obtaining succulents everywhere he traveled - especially from local growers and nurseries! The Bay Area has an almost perfect climate for succulents of all varieties.

The Succulent Farmer encourages you to enjoy nature's gift of succulents and you'll find it very rewarding - spiritually, mentally, and physically. We offer the highest quality plants on the market as well as a wide selection. You will likely find several new species to add to your collection or retail establishment. Wedding coordinators, flower shops, gift shops, markets, and so many other vendors are a perfect match for succulents!

Retail is available online and at special events (farmers markets and festivals). Wholesale information is available by contacting info@thesucculentfarmer.com or by visiting the wholesale page.

Happy growing!