Technology Classes

Technology Classes

The Technology Education program is broad-based with classes in:

  • Computer Graphic Arts

This course is an exploration of the use of computer imaging, typography, layout and design. Students will develop proficiency in their use of the hardware, programs and accessories. Pixlr software will be used to edit pictures.

  • 3D Architecture

The students will use Sketchup software to draw houses. When the student complete this class, they will be able to draw a 3D Floor Plans and Elevations.

  • 3D Rendering & Design

The course enables students to create various forms of graphic art by interacting with Sketchup software. Students will utilize a variety of media to create 3D computer images.

  • Web Page Design

This class will focus on creating, editing and producing web pages utilizing HTML. Interactive pages will include video, music and film clips.

Lego Robotics is taught in 3rd through 8th grade using a curriculum that develops students learning in Design Engineering.

Grades 3 through 5 use LEGO WeDo Robotics Challenges.

Grades 6 through 8 use LEGO EV3 Classroom Activities and Challenges.