B A L D I V I S  

For far too long the church has been known for what it is against. We want to be known for what we are for. 


“I will build my church,  and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.”  

Jesus Christ 



In order to reach our community more effectively in Baldivis, we are currently undergoing a renovation to make our facility more welcoming, especially for our new guests. Why are we doing this? We do this because we want to continue to create an inviting environment where people can explore faith safely and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We are determined to impact our city for Jesus Christ. For far too long, the church has been known for what it is against. We want our community to know what we are for. We are for them. We are for Baldivis.  

We want to personally challenge you to be generous and to invest in this project for the sake of our community, and for the sake of the next generation.

New Foyer

 Our current foyer is small and not easily accessible. We want to create a more open space where people can easily find each other and enjoy fellowship with one another. 

New Cafe

We also want people in our community to be able to come and enjoy our building throughout the week, further breaking down the barriers that might exist for some of the people of Baldivis. That’s why we’re creating a space where a commercial cafe can operate from our site.



We are setting the goal to reach just 1% of the community of Baldivis. That means we are wanting to see more than 620 people come to know Jesus in our area.  As followers of Christ, it is our joy when we can introduce people to the love of Jesus Christ. Nothing is more rewarding for a Christ follower than knowing that God is using us, our lives, and our resources to bring people who are far from God to personally know Him and His love.



Our financial goal is to raise $700,000. This amount represents the total renovation cost as well as the cafe fit out.  We are believing this project will raise our faith to the next level. We believe that nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).  We believe that God has appointed each of us as stewards of our resource, and we also believe that he is calling us to invest it in things that will have eternal impact. This project helps break down the barriers for our community to have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. We believe that is worth sacrificing for..  

How You Can Participate


1. Pray

Commit to pray for the season God is leading us all into as a family. Pray for God to give you a clear picture of how He is asking you to contribute in this season of FOR BALDIVIS, and don’t be afraid if it's a bit uncomfortable. We believe that He who has called you IS faithful, and when we ask, He will make it abundantly clear. We want to contend for what matters most with our finance. 

2. Give

Commit to give ONE-TIME or REGULARLY for the next 6 months.  On Sunday 26th of November 2023, in unity, as a church family both in Baldivis and Cannington, we will commit to giving this amount to God.   Please click here to give: 


Thank you so much for investing into our community. Our church has a remarkable history of transforming lives and impacting our community. The ongoing renovation is a testament to our commitment to continue this legacy, providing an even more welcoming and accessible space for both our current members and those we hope to welcome into the narrative that God is writing in Baldivis. Your giving will make a difference. God bless you!