Pending Implementations

Planetary Times


Features below are planned, but they are subject to change and not promised a date of release.

  • Intelligent Event Planner & Scheduler (for pinpointing best times)
  • Firdaria period translations
  • Human translations to other languages (let me know if you wish to contribute)
  • Attribute Data Table Representation and Share/Export
  • Attributes Analysis & Daily Report Generation
  • Live congruence/compatibility display for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Profile list sharing (export/import, save/load)
  • More moon info (rise/set/direction/altitude)
  • Divine name descriptions
  • Remedies for current/general conditions
  • People Finder via compatibility or over specific attributes (this could very well be a whole another app working together with Planetary Times)

This is a very broad list, just to give an idea. There is no plan to support raw planetary data as there are other apps for that, and I believe it defeats the purpose of this app.