Planetary Times


Is there an iOS version of the app?

No, at least not at the moment (and possibly not in the near future). I would like to add more features before switching to cross-platform development (which requires me to write everything from scratch). If you need to run the app on another platform, check here.

Why is contacts permission needed?

Your contacts are suggested as you start typing their name while creating a new profile. It is easier and saves time to just click on their names, rather than trying to type every letter. Additionally, profile selection screen shows photos of your matching contacts. It has no other use for now; and no, this information is not collected. That is, your contacts info is neither stored inside app nor leave your device; it is queried as needed. In the future, it can be used to identify caller's live congruence/compatibility value and show on screen while the phone is ringing. For that though more permissions are needed and after the recent feedback app received, I do not dare at this point.

If you like, you can deny this permission after installing the app, from device Settings -> Application Manager -> Planetary Times -> Permissions -> Contacts

Why is external storage permission needed?

As with most other apps, external storage is used for caching only. Sadly there is no separate permission available to devs for this, and you need to read and accept the fact that dev can access/delete your files (be it photos or documents) before you download the app.

How are given attributes calculated?

  • At first, each planet is assigned a strength value depending on the interpretation of astronomical and esoteric conditions.
  • Calculation of all attribute sections are based on 'Zodiac Houses' section. These should not be confused with houses from an astrological wheel chart. They are here to symbolize the current/natal conditions in terms of zodiac signs and by the topics/areas they represent. To calculate this section, every zodiac sign is given a multiplier for each planet, which is then multiplied by the corresponding calculated planet strength and then all added together. Day/night affinity of zodiac signs, moon phase, sun sign and moon sign are also taken into account separately. This calculation is also the key to the congruence/compatibility.
  • One important association of zodiac houses is with colors/chakras/rays and tarot as seen in this table, which are again used to calculate some other sections.
  • Some sections, such as "Professions & Interests", "Jung Personalities", "Odd - Even", "Minor Arcana"... use attributes from multiple sections in their calculation.
  • "Divine Names" section uses the value associations from this table derived using numerology.

Is ascendant (rising sign) included in the calculations?

No. It is not because ascendant is not important, but maybe irrelevant. Ascendant has its play in masking the inner personality and giving it a shape, rather than determining character. Ascendant determines the what and how of a person's likes and his/her expressions, but has no role in the why of it. Again, ascendant determines the body type, but not the function. Although important, it is merely a dressing and determines the types of people and experiences you are going to attract yourself.

If you know your (sidereal) Ascendant, and when you check 'Zodiac Houses' section find out that you don't bear your Ascendant's qualities within, you may find yourself in a position seeming hypocritical to others as well as to yourself. Although this will make life harder for you, it is nothing to worry about. If this is the case, ascendant indicates the qualities you should not ignore and try to develop in your current life.

How unique are the calculated attributes?

It is a very distinct possibility to run into the same exact fingerprint properties unless birth data is all the same. Combination of several conditions as well as degree of progression in zodiac signs are taken into consideration to unveil additional information and differentiate every instance better.

How is congruence calculated?

This is simply done by adding compatible zodiac signs and subtracting incompatible signs (to the extent of compatibility/incompatibility) for each calculated zodiac sign and taking the max difference between any two calculated values. Greater the result, greater the congruency. It is the same with compatibility calculation, only for the combined pool of zodiac signs.

My Jung personality scores are way too low/high and/or similar, why is that?

That simply means you do not fit perfectly into any of the stereotypes described there.

What is the origin of the spiritual biorhythm cycle?

This is given in the channeled book "Law of One" by Ra - 'an humble messenger of the Law of One'. Calculation of other cycles are also verified by the same entity. And who/what is that? Ra is a vibratory sound complex or the consciousness of the letter 'R' as we know it. There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet and their vibrations are light configurations that correspond to pure and mature aspects of the Creator. See this chart for their associations by Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi.