Talks about Life

Trying to understand your life from a broader perspective?

According to Socrates, a pivotal Greek philosopher from the 5th century BCE, philosophy is a personal quest for the Good and the good life.

In times of fundamental transformations that our world is undergoing, it is not easy to discern how to put together all pieces of our life puzzle and direct it in the good direction. Sometimes we don't even know what is good for us in the cacophony of competing world-views, philosophies, lifestyles, trends and proposals.

One-to One Talks® help you to take a look at your life from a wider perspective and to clarify your ideals, goals and visions. It turn, it makes you capable to do the next step: to gradually harmonise various aspects of your life, such as domestic tasks, job, family, sports, hobbies, money, free time, holidays, commuting, investments, pension, health, friendships, reading, using of technology, entertainment, spirituality, etc. in a realistic and harmonious whole.

In One-to One Talks® we try to demystify philosophy and make it a useful tool for everyone. In fact, the forefathers of Western philosophy, Socrates, Aristotle and their friends, were ordinary citizens spending time together, talking during the long walks around the city squares or in the gardens. The basics of the Western philosophy came to life in a very simple way: as a relaxed though meaningful discussion among friends on the things they considered interesting or important.

One-to One Talks® sessions take place in convenient public places such as cosy bars, museums or libraries. Just choose one that suits you the best. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and kick off the session. With the laptop or a scratch paper, with or without the books, whatever you find more comfortable.

Through a discussion on your life concerns we will bring in the insights of a whole range of world philosophers. Don't worry, it won't be an arid repetition of well-worn quotes and theories, not at all! On the contrary, we aim to a brisk brainstorming on your life issues in light of the wisdom our ancestors handed to us over centuries.

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