Medicine and Bio Therapy

Conventional Western medicine has advanced greatly, especially in last decades. It has developed powerful diagnostic and surgical methods; a great leap is noticed in the genetic and molecular research. On the other hand, it languishes in the dark when it comes to malign and chronic diseases.

Why is so? Mostly because conventional medicine looks at a human being in a technical, almost exclusively physical manner, ignoring the holistic approach and the intrinsic unity of spirit, body and mind. As a matter of fact, the body is as healthy as it has healthy energy from non-physical levels.

Western medicine often remains scotched in treatment of various diseases at the symptomatic and pharmacological level. In many instances the common Western medicine starts and ends on the treatment of symptoms. However, symptom is only an alarm, an indicator that something deeper in our body something is going wrong. By treating only symptoms the real problem is often suppressed and the results of healing are often partial or short-termed.

In order for healing to be complete it is necessary to observe a human being in their entirety, both at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is here where various complementary healing methods can go hand in hand with medical diagnostics.

Such an interaction is a win-win situation for the patient. Disease is a cry of the human body alarming that something is going wrong in the way of thinking, living, doing, acting, moving, living. It is a signal that we need to change something because bad life habits, bad thoughts, bad mental and emotional patterns brought gradually us to illness.

Complementary healing methods aren’t magical or omnipotent. Their efficiency comes from a common sense and holistic approach. Their most important contribution is their capacity to incite the immunological potentials of the body which in turn activates the natural process of self-healing. Sounds rather simple. Though, it's crucial.