History of Bio Healing

The energy of life bears a different name in different cultures and philosophies. Regardless of the variety of terminology, the concept of life energy is same in all of them: the energy of life is an active principle constituting every living being.

The fact that this energy is invisible and shapeless makes many people from Western cultures quite unable to understand the principles of natural medicine. As opposed to Western allopathic medicine, based on material conception of diseases, natural medicine is based on the conception of energy.

The earliest records of medicine originate from ancient Egyptian medicine, Babylon medicine, ancient Indian medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Greek and Roman medicine. Archaeological findings and cave art provide us an insight into the medical practices prior to written history. A long time ago, diseases were thought to be caused by witches, demons, evil forces, spirits and will of the gods, so medicine was first empirical, demonic and magic-religious. As experience accumulated, certain patterns emerged and ancient practitioners started to move towards more systematic analysis and found that the disturbances in the energy flow underlie all diseases and disturbances.

Therefore healing with life energy is one of the oldest healing methods revered worldwide. Traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Indian medicine look at a human being as a circuit of energy between heaven and earth. The energy of life flows in all living beings through specific paths (Meridians, Nadis), and disharmony (disease) is caused by impediments to its free flow. What today is called natural medicine was the only method of treatment for thousands of years. Only later, as an alternative, the scientifically based medicine started to develop. Namely, with the emergence of the Hippocrates School and the Greek rational thought, medicine was separated from philosophy and theurgy, and became a profession.

The idea that there is a life force flowing through the body via special channels as well as powering this force by prodding thin needles, caused a lot of scoff in the official medical circles. When distinguished American doctors, invited by the Chinese president Mao to personally witness the performance of acupuncture, returned to America, they had to confusedly admit that acupuncture worked. In 1978 The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised acupuncture as a healing method and made a list of illnesses that it successfully treats. Luckily, the natural medicine finds its way into the Western World, helping people to cope with the growing challenges in the accelerated world.

Credit to Alfred Bozic, M.D.
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