FutureHealth.Foundation, by Therapy on Demand Foundation (501c3 pending) Delaware, USA - Nonprofit-NGO, is here to help you access online health & wellness resources to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Thanks to Future Health Foundation's sponsorship, 15 min. Free Screenings for online therapy are available through the separate for-profit group: Therapy on Demand, LLC (Richmond, USA).

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Welcome to Future Health Foundation

Therapy on Demand Nonprofit Foundation has 3 main aims: to educate the public with health-related resources, to increase access to open-source forms of digital healthcare, and to release special projects that protect and advance the autonomy of vulnerable populations worldwide.

If you donate today, your funds will support our development initiatives:

1. New modules of our virtual reality to assist train-the-trainer programs in vulnerable populations on topics such as: healthy living, sustainability, wellness and community-building.

2. to fund digital health and other population-health and diagnosis-specific based treatments for individuals and families.

3. to deploy apps that create a circular economy effect: such as creating a marketplace which can address the issues of homelessness and systemic depravity in society.

4. to deploy digital health tools that advance public health, globally

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