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Our Vision

Evidence-driven precision medicine is becoming a game changer in cancer treatment. Data curation referring to genomics, pathomics, radiomics along with clinical outcomes harnessing artificial intelligence provide predictive mechanisms to assess response to treatment as well as to determine optimal treatment plans. Our vision is to introduce the first, self-contained, self-trained paradigm to thrive cancer research and treatment in a new dimension targeting drug development, treatment selection, treatment assessment and optimization of clinical outcomes. We offer a new/fully holistic approach for cancer research & treatment referring to macro/micro/nano scale integration of medicine, information theory and computational medicine.

Our Products

TheraPanacea exploits the latest scientific advances in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence & high-performance computing and simulation towards digital, personalized, adaptive medicine. Our product line focuses on prognosis, treatment and outcomes assessment. In particular we develop:

      • The ART-Omics solution combines efficiently multiple information sources (radiomics, pathomis, genomics) for treatment prognosis targeting the acceleration of drug development as well as optimal treatment outcomes.
      • The ART-Plan suite, a software technology/suite of radiation therapy (e.g. treatment planning system (TPS)) that is the first effective solution for direct dose estimation at planning, dose cumulative estimation and explicit dose adjustment at treatment.
      • The ART-Guide solution that seeks to assist interventional radiologist surgeons in the context of computer assisted or robotic surgery. We provide automatic solutions for digital patient modeling, implant/trajectory optimization and real-time guidance.

Our Technologies / Intellectual Property Portfolio / Partners

TheraPanacea is a spinoff of the Ecole CentraleSupelec - one of the most prestigious engineering schools / "Grandes Ecoles" of France - that is the school of engineering of the University of Paris-Saclay. It exploits research/intellectual portfolio carried out in the fields of machine learning/optimization, computer vision/medical imaging and artificial intelligence in one of the world leading laboratories in these areas.

Our intellectual portfolio was built through of massive research investment of more than 10 mEU - from European, National & Industrial grants - during the last decade. Harnessing scientific excellence for cancer care is our approach for disruptive/cutting-edge innovation. In order to position ourselves as the leading innovative care in the field of cancer care, we adopt a collaboration/structured/premium research approach with:

Gustave Roussy is the premier European Cancer Center. It is a unique facility for patient care, research and higher education. It deploys cutting-edge research with the aim of making major discoveries, personalized & minimally invasive medicine and developing novel/innovative pathways to offer patients optimal care. Gustave Roussy is a source of innovations in treatment and advances in diagnostic techniques. It employs an integrated approach to research, patient care and teaching in order to benefit the patient, and it brings together all the skills which are essential for top quality research in oncology. This encompasses basic research, clinical research and translational research to link the two.

CentraleSupélec is an internationally-reputed Higher Education and Research Institution, funding member of the University of Paris-Saclay and its school of engineering. It has campus in three continents (Europe (FR), Asia (CN, IN) & Africa (MC)). Its excellence lies in its combination of fundamental and applied sciences for innovation with societal impact. It carries on research in the area of complex systems from nano-to-macro scale in collaboration with the leading national research centers (Cnrs, Inria). Sciences, and in particular applied mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence are among the pillars of its research portfolio.

Our Team

Nikos Paragios (Chief Executive Officer) holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Inria (2000) and is distinguished professor of mathematics at the University of Paris Saclay / CentraleSupelec. He has 15 years ofexperience (FR, USA, GR) on leading academic research associated with more that 300 publications, 25 patents and more that 40 PhD students guidance. Prior to that he was in charge of research and development at Siemens Corporate Technology (USA). He is fluent in English & French and native in Greek.

Catherine Huynh (Chief Operating Officer) holds a M.Eng from INP-Grenoble (1988) in nuclear engineering. She has almost 20 years of international (FR, UK, CN) experience in management of digital transformation projects (Accenture) involving numerous large-scale development projects in health and healthcare technologies (Pfizer) as well as the development of international academic partnerships (Ecole Centrale). She is fluent in English & Mandarin and native in French.

Rafael Marini-Silva (Chief Architect) holds a MSc in machine learning & applied mathematics from Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay (2011), a B.Eng from Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech (2011) and a B.Sc from Ecole Polytechnique (2010). He has almost 10 years of experience in research and development (GE Healthcare, Ecole Centrale, Inria) in medical imaging, machine learning and medical computer-aided decision support systems. He is fluent in English & French and native in Portuguese.

Our Scientific Board

Dr. Nicholas Ayache, Inria & French Academy of Sciences, FR

Pr. Eric Deustch, Gustave Roussy & University Paris Sud, FR

Pr. Benoit Gallix, McGill University Hospital, CA

Pr. Eric Lartigau, Oscar Lambret & University of Lille, FR

Pr. William Wells, MIT & Harvard Medical School, USA

Investors / Institutional Support

Awards / Distinctions


Best Innovation Award in Radiology (2018)


Top three Reasons to join our team

1. We do work that matters

Your work makes the difference! and has the potential to impact/change/improve the life of every single person in the planet.

2. Our people, our culture & our ambition

What connects us with our collaborators, customers, and each other? Our mission, values and ambition to harness innovation for societal good while meeting the highest excellence standards.

3. The chance to act and lead disruptive innovation

Innovation isn't limited to creating new products and services. Being innovative is about doing things in new and moving existing practices to the next level.


  • Full time Full Stack/Front-end/Back-end/Middle-ware Software developer (Ref: TPC:02): interested in transferring R&D work to production code? excellent programming skills in client/server architecture and/or www based interaction and/or visualization tools, and/or programming in different languages (Cuda, C++, Python, Java Script). Qualifications: BSc computer science, prior experience in medical devices is a plus (multiple positions).
  • Research & Development Software Engineer (Ref: TPC:03): interested in developing innovative machine learning/optimization/artificial intelligence solutions in the context of cancer treatment? excellent mathematical background in machine learning/medical imaging or computer vision associated with good programming skills. Qualifications: BSc/MSc/MEng in computer science, applied mathematics or electrical/computer engineering (multiple positions).

Successful applicants should mail their resumes to with subject the reference code of the position they apply for.



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